Antony Breaks Silence On Assault Allegation By Former Partner, Gabriela Cavallin [Full Statement]


Manchester United star Antony has broken his long-held silence following allegations of domestic abuse by his former partner Gabriela Cavallin

Earlier this month, Gabriela Cavallin, a Brazilian influencer and celebrity DJ, filed a police report with Brazil Police accusing Antony of domestic violence and threat to life.

According to her, Antony has been mandhandling, abusing and violently assaulting her with threats

After her police report, Cavallin made further allegations against Antony on Record TV, citing an instance the Manchester United winger, held her by both arms, and push her on the bed before forcing himself on her leading to her sustaining grave injuries on her breast and had to take stitches to close up the open wound.

Cavalin narrates in detail Antony’s assault and threats on her on Record TV

Due to the incident, Cavallin added Antony did not allow her to leave the room, locking her inside for hours.

“He held me by both arms, threw me on the bird before falling on top of me, and did not allow me to leave the room after I was injured” Gabriela Cavallin said on Record TV.

The celebrity hockey DJ added the assault started last year and there was an occasion he (Antony) nearly choked her to death, seizing her in the hair with force and commanding her to hand over her phone where she had recorded some of the evidents of abuse.

The footballer later broke the phone, locked her in private captivity from 10pm to 3:30am while threatening to harm her.

Antony finally speaks on the allegations

Antony, who was hitherto silent when the waves of the assault report went wild on social media earlier in the month, has now finally tendered his own narrative of the story.

Taking to his Instagram Story, the 23-year-old Manchester United winger succinctly said he was ‘falsely accused’ by Gabriela Cavallin in the viral assault report earlier in the month.

Explaining the reason he remained mute when the allegation first surfaced, Antony said he wanted to remain silent so as not to interfere with police investigations into the allegations.

The former Ajax star confirmed he has submitted his statement to the Police following the allegations but added the assault report has been the most difficult phase in his career and he has been suffering in silence since then but is optimistic of coming out unscathed after the investigations.

Gabriela Cavallin

Antony also thanked his family and well wishers for their message of support so far throughout the difficult moment.

“For you, after submitting my statement at the police station where the investigation involving my name is being conducted, I wanted to speak publicly for the first time since I was falsely accused of assault.

”I stayed silent until this moment so that nothing could interfere with the investigation process, but during all these days my family and I suffered in silence.

”Despite being born and raised in a very needy community, I have never been through a situation similar to this, in which a false assault charge resulted in a preliminary and unfair public judgement on the part of some.

”After the closure of the investigation, my innocence will certainly be proven and justice will prevail. The damage initially caused to my image will be in the past.

”Thank you for the countless messages of support received at this very difficult time.'”


Antony is now the second Manchester United star to be facing allegations of domestic violence towards his partner after Mason Greenwood rape saga in 2022. There are fears the allegations may spiral into another Mason Greenwood saga grinding the career of the Brazil international to a halt.

Brazil Police are currently investigating the matter with reports the former Ajax star may likely face a life behind bars if convicted.


Manchester United are aware of the allegations on their £87m signing from Ajax but have refused to comment. Sources close to the club reveal they are embarking on internal investigation to also iron out the truth of the matter.

Antony missed the last games of Manchester United’s 2022/23 campaign but is set to return to the squad and join the club’s preseason.

While he will continue in his game for Manchester United next season, investigations into the matter will be ongoing till the scandal is cleared.


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