Amidst Brentford’s draw, Antiono Conte urges Spurs supporters to keep a positive attitude towards the next game

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After his side’s Champions League qualification ambitions were shattered on Saturday, Tottenham manager Antonio Conte reminded fans not to forget where they came from.

Spurs lost ground to north London rivals Arsenal, who climbed into the top four after beating Manchester United — a position Conte’s side could not reclaim after a 0-0 stalemate at Brentford.

Given their inconsistency and the bad situation they were in before Conte arrived, Conte’s team being in the top four battle at all is a remarkable feat.

Following Nuno Espirito Santo’s disastrous reign, the Italian was appointed in November and took over a club that was six points out of the top four. “I believe it is also for this reason that I believe today,

with five games remaining, we’re talking about Tottenham being in contention for a Champions League spot,” Conte added.

The public must not forget the major crisis that Tottenham faced in November. To be able to stay in this race with five games to go shows that the players have made significant progress and that we are doing an excellent job. “

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However, we must recognize that if we gave 120 percent last month, it may not be enough; we must try to raise and go 150 percent to meet this goal. “

Spurs lacked any creative danger against the Bees, going without a shot on target for the second game in a row.

Conte has stuck to his preferred 3-5-2 system, which Frank admits has made preparation easier.

It’s not so easy to stop. As we’ve seen in the previous two games, the Spurs were the highest-scoring team and were scoring goals for the sheer joy of it.

But there’s no doubt that when you know some clear patterns-personally, I enjoy it when we create more because it gives the players structure, but also when you prepare for some clear circumstances, you attempt to block it. “

“It’s amazing when it works like it did for us”. He said

However, there will always be critical periods in a game where we must make decisions.

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