Alisha Lehmann is “gutted” with fans who don’t watch her play football


    Aston Villa forward, Alisha Lehmann has made it known that she is displeased with fans who don’t watch her strut her stuff on the football pitch. 

    She stated that she is “disappointed” with fans who see all her social media escapades, but don’t come watch her play football. 

    The 24-year-old Alisha began to garner massive attention after she made a move to Women Super League side, West Ham United.

    Alisha Lehmann in the colours of Aston Villa

    In close to five (5) years on social media, she has gotten millions of followers on all her social media accounts.

    The forward’s Instagram and Tik-Tok numbers

    Alisha Lehmann on Instagram has over 11.5 million followers and that is more than the numbers of followers for Tennis and Swiss icon, Roger Federer.

    She also has over 6 million followers on Tik-Tok. Her Instagram account has six times more followers than that of the male team of Aston Villa.

    Alisha of recent became the most followed sport-person from Switzerland usurping Roger Federer.

    Nevertheless, Alisha Lehmann is upset with her fans who watch all her displays on social media but don’t come to see her play the beautiful game.

    The beautiful Alisha who currently plays for Aston Villa was on loan at the Merseyside based club, Everton two years ago.

    Alisha Lehmann
    Alisha Lehmann

    Alisha Lehmann has scored one (1) league goal and made one (1) assist in twelve (12) Women Super League appearances. 

    She has made thirty-four (34) appearances for the Switzerland female national team and has scored seven (7) goals.

    Alisha has played an important role in a commendable season for Aston Villa, with the side occupying sixth (6th) on the Women Super League table currently.

    Alisha Lehmann statements in an interview

    During an interview done recently with The Times, Alisha Lehmann said: “A lot of people only see the social side of my life, via Instagram and not actually how I play football.

    “About this, I’m sometimes disappointed, because I work hard every day.

    “I train every day and I want to be the best player I can be.

    Alisha further added:

    “They don’t really know how I play.

    “I’m always saying, watch a game please…and then they’re surprised.”

    The Aston Villa forward also emphasized that it is possible to be feminine in nature and also play the round leather game. 

    Alisha continued: “The message I want to give to people is that you can literally be however you want and still play football.

    “Use make-up or do the things you like, do your nails, do your eyelashes, and still play football. It’s not a side you have to pick.

    “It’s really important that no one changes because people tell you to.

    “When I was younger a lot of people told me, ‘Oh, you can’t wear make-up. You can’t wear your lashes when you play’.

    She furthered her statement saying: “At one point I thought, ‘Why not?’ It’s normal and it doesn’t hurt anyone if I do it.

    “I feel like we should see this as normal. Because I’m someone that likes it a lot.

    “I want to look really feminine. It’s my passion.”

    At what point did Alisha Lehmann social media following skyrocket? 

    She said: “It really started when I played at the Under-19 Euros in Switzerland,” she said. “After that I made the transfer to West Ham. I think that was the turning point, when my Instagram kind of blew up.

    “If I am honest, now I don’t feel any different. Maybe you get recognised sometimes a bit more but I don’t feel like I’m special.

    “I am a footballer that goes to training every day — it’s nothing crazy cool.”

    Alisha who has attracted the attention of a lot of male fans due to her physique wants her fans to come see her in action.

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