Aston Villa manager suspended due to inappropriate messages sent to teenage players


    The women’s coach of Aston Villa, Jack Peel, has been suspended after sending “unprofessional messages” to teenage players of the English club.

    Jack Peel who is said to be twenty-seven (27) years of age is presumed to have texted the female young footballers who are 17,18 and 19 years of age respectively.

    According to reports, none of the teenagers added any nude images and there is also no instigation that shows there was at any point a bodily touch between the coach and the teenagers occurred. 

    Aston Villa have made it known to the Football Association that they can begin questioning and other scrutinizing stage involving the coach. 

    Jack Peel was the coach of the Aston Villa Under 21 women’s football team when the incidents happened. He was instantly suspended when players of the team spoke out to several Aston Villa administrators two years ago. 

    The 27 year old coach became manager of the Villans female team in 2020, coming to the club from Birmingham City and had scaled through all the strict FA proper and important checks to be coach in female football.

    Aston Villa have also sounded it out loudly to Birmingham City administrators about the mannerism of their former gaffer.

    Picture of Aston Villa football club

    The football club said: “When allegations were made about Jack Peel’s behaviour he was immediately interviewed and suspended by the Club and we also informed the FA and other relevant authorities in the same timely manner.

    “Peel’s suspension, which is standard procedure in matters of this nature, was pending a formal Disciplinary Hearing. Prior to the hearing, he resigned.

    “Aston Villa fully co-operated with the FA, who are responsible for Governing Body safeguarding investigations. We therefore cannot comment on their ultimate sanctions.

    “The Club takes its safeguarding responsibilities extremely seriously and meets all the statutory requirements set by The FA and Premier League in this sector.

    A Spokesperson in the football association said: “The FA has robust safeguarding measures in place, and all referrals into The FA are handled in line with our policies and procedures. We do not comment on individual cases.” 

    When he was met by The Sun on the matter, Jack established that he is the previous coach at the place of the “inappropriate” text allegations but he has spoken to give himself cover: “I strongly deny everything.”

    He added: “I need some breathing space.”

    All findings and thorough searches are still going on in full swing and the Football Association would give the final decisive verdict on this delicate issue. 

    Jack Peel would also possibly face legal charges. 

    And the court would also give their own important verdict on the issues concerning the former Aston Villa female coach, Jack Peel and the teenagers. 


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