Africa Cup of Nations qualifying: Nigeria National team blew a 4 – 0 lead against Sierra Leone


What a disappointing match for the Nigeria National team as they were unable to secure a 4 – 0 lead against the Sierra Leone team in the African Cup of Nations qualifying match.

Nigeria Notable professional players Alex Iwobi, Victor Osimhen, Villareal’s Samuel Chukwueze were among the players that represented Nigeria in today’s match. They started well but they didn’t end well.

This is what happened today.

  • 4’—Nigeria 1-0 Sierra Leone
  • 21’—Nigeria 2-0 Sierra Leone
  • 27’—Nigeria 3-0 Sierra Leone
  • 29’—Nigeria 4-0 Sierra Leone
  • 41’—Nigeria 4-1 Sierra Leone
  • 72’—Nigeria 4-2 Sierra Leone
  • 80’—Nigeria 4-3 Sierra Leone
  • 86’—Nigeria 4-4 Sierra Leone


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