Where to get Playstation 5 since PS5 it sold out everywhere

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Playstation 5 is sold-out everywhere, you can’t get it on Playstation.com, you can’t get it on other sites like Best-buy, Gamestop, Amazon, Target, or any other stores in America.

However, if you really want to get the game system, you can get it on reseller sites that allow individuals to resell exclusive items that are sold-out.

How to get PlayStation 5 after it’s sold out.

We will cut right to the chase,

You can get the PS5 console device on eBay, StockX, and other auctions sites out there. If you plan to get it from these sites, be sure that you shop for a cheap price and be sure you are not paying scammers. If you plan to buy on unsafe websites like craigslist, you need to be careful not to get scammed or robbed.

Some sellers listed their Playstation 5 console for sale on eBay for over $1,800 on the Buynow price while some allow you to bid it up until the winning bidder wins the auction.

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The original price for PlayStation 5 is $499.99 but it’s sold out and resellers are selling the PS 5 console for a much higher price between $800 and up, with a high shipping fee. If you can afford to pay for it then you can find the PS5 on the sites listed above.

For those who can wait, continue to check the PlayStation website and it will be restocked very soon.

Should you wait until Black Friday to buy PlayStation 5?

Black Friday sales are good for buying expensive items like PlayStation 5 because a number of stores will partake in the annual sales festive where shoppers can get things for cheap. However, it will come with a lot of hassle, you will have to be in line much earlier to be sure that you can buy it because it will sell out again.

Also, the coronavirus pandemic will be a big issue as retailers will have a big problem controlling the crowd that usually flood the stores to take advantage of the Black Friday sales prices. Be prepared for other Fifa video games who will be shopping for the console because it going to be a rush, a first come first buy settings.

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If you can purchase PS 5 safely without putting yourself at risk of contracting covid, then you can buy it on Black Friday day from the store, or you can wait to find it online.

When is Black Friday date for the year 2020?

Friday, November 27

This is how to get PlayStation 5 while it is sold out, if you have any question, please leave it below and we will try our best to answer.

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