“World’s Most Beautiful Footballer,” Ana Maria Markovic Hints on England Move, Calls For End to Sexism

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Popular female football star Ana Maria Markovic has hinted at a move to England while calling for an end to sexism in football.

Ana Maria Markovic hints at England’s move, calls for an end to sexism in England football

Ana Maria Markovic, 22, popularly known as “world’s most beautiful footballer” is intending to join England’s Women football.

Ana Maria Markovic dropped the hint in an interview with Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten, in which she made her yearning for English club football public.

She is currently plying her trade with the Swiss Women’s Super League club Grasshoppers.

The epithet, “World’s most beautiful footballer,” was attached to her person after she declared herself to be the most beautiful footballer in the world.

Confirming her decision to join a football club in England, Ana Maria Markovic said:

“I would be most interested in going to England later.”

However, despite indicating interest in making a move to England, Maria Markovic added that she will like to linger around the Swiss Women’s Super League for at least another one year.

Ana Maria Markovic

Ana added that her decision to linger around in the Swiss Women’s football is because Grasshoppers are appreciating her contributions to the team, making her comfortable.

“I’m not ready to go abroad yet because Grasshoppers gives me a certain appreciation and I’m feeling very comfortable at the moment”, she noted.

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She also lamented increased cases of discrimination against female footballers in contrast to their male counterparts on the social media.

Ana cited sexist comments directed against female footballers, a practice which is not being directed to male footballers.

“What makes the difference between men and women is, for example, when I show myself in a bikini on social media or when Erling Haaland [shows himself] in his swimming trunks”, she noted.

“Erling almost certainly doesn’t get the same sexist comments.”

Suggesting ways of tackling the menace, Ana started that men should support the effort of women in curbing cases of sexism on the social media.

She said women have been standing up for each other, and it is high time men do the same by supporting them.

“We women are good at standing up for each other, but what I wish for is that men start standing up for us too”, Ana Maria Markovic said.

“Men always talk about ‘men of honour’, but it would be really honourable if they stood behind us in such situations.”

Markovic has over a million followers on Instagram, and has refused to be referred to as “the sexiest female footballer in the world” due to the sexist connotations.

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“I like articles that call me the most beautiful footballer – or one of the most beautiful – because it makes me happy to hear that I’m beautiful”, Markovic noted.

“But then there are newspaper articles describing me as the ‘sexiest’ player in football. That doesn’t sit well with me. Also, because of my family.”

The 22-year-old Croatia international revealed that top male football stars had contacted her after her name made waves across the globe.

Ana Maria Markovic

However, she cleared the air that the conversation between the male counterparts are strictly based on football.

“Of course I’m in contact with other footballers, we do the same job”, she affirmed.

“Whether it’s the male Grasshoppers players or international footballers, the exchange is always there – but only on a footballing basis.”

Markovic also reiterated her efforts to support the growth of women’s football by trying to enlist the support of top male footballers such as Neymar, as she hopes to count on their social media influence.

“Neymar is an outstanding footballer. I hope that I can persuade him to support women’s football and that he can also do his part off the field”, Markovic noted.

“Because the male footballers can achieve a lot with their reach on social media.”

Markovic added that her goal is to advocate equality and “be a role model for young footballers.”

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Who is Ana Maria Markovic?

Ana Maria Markovic

Ana Maria Markovic, born on 9 November 1999, is a Croatian professional female football player. She plays as a striker for the Croatia national team and Grasshoppers, a Swiss Women’s Super League club.

Maria Markovic started playing professional football in 2017 with FC Zurich.

She said she was motivated to join female football after the immense growth in the sport in Switzerland.

After two years with FC Zurich, Ana joined Grasshopper in 2020. She has made 43 appearances for Grasshopper and has scored 8 goals.

Ana was called for the first time to the Swiss national team in 2021.

He has made 7 appearances so far and has scored one goal.

Ana’s team finished runner-up in the 2021/22 Swiss Women’s Cup.

She is of Croatian descent from her mother’s side. At age 12, she reportedly moved with her family to Switzerland.

Ana had named Real Madrid and Croatia playmaker Luka Modric as her favorite player from Croatia.

Also, she takes former Real Madrid and Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo as her top favorite in the world.

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