2022 Qatar World Cup: Groups, Schedules, Kick-off Time

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2022 Qatar World Cup will kick off on November 20, 2022. National teams are getting ready, and players are dreaming of winning the tournament in Qatar.

Some 2022 Qatar World Cup players.

New stars will be born, and a new country will be called the World Champions. These are the groups and schedules for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

2022 Qatar World Cup
The World Cup schedule to the final

Group A

1. Qatar

2. Ecaudor

3. Netherlands 

4. Senegal


November 20, 2022

Qatar vs. Ecuador 5:00 p.m.

November 21, 2022

Senegal vs Netherlands 5pm

November 25, 2022

Qatar vs Senegal 2pm

Netherlands vs Ecaudor 5pm

November 29, 2022

Ecaudor vs Senegal 4pm

Netherlands vs Qatar 4pm

Group B





November 21, 2022
England vs Iran 2pm
USA vs Wales 8pm

November 25, 2022

Wales vs Iran 11am

England vs United State of America 8pm

November 29, 2022

Iran vs United State Of America 8pm

England vs Wales 8pm

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Group C

Saudi Arabia




November 22, 2022

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia  11am

Mexico vs Poland 5pm

November 26, 2022

Poland vs Saudi Arabia 2pm

Argentina vs Mexico  8pm

November 30, 2022

Poland vs Argentina 8pm

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico 8pm

Group D






November 22, 2022

Denmark vs Tunisia 2pm

France vs Australia 8pm

November 26, 2022

Tunisia vs Australia 11am

France vs Denmark 5pm

November 30, 2022

Tunisia vs France 4pm

Australia vs Denmark 4pm

Group E


Costa Rica



November 23, 2022

Germany vs Japan 2pm

Spain vs Costa Rica 5pm

November 27, 2022

Japan vs Costa Rica 11am

Spain vs Germany 5pm
December 1, 2022

Japan vs Spain 8pm

Costa Rica vs Germany 8pm

Group F





November 23, 2022
Morocco vs Croatia 11am

Belgium vs Canada 8pm

November 27, 2022

Belgium vs Morocco 2pm

Croatia vs Canada 5pm
December 1, 2022

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Croatia vs Belgium 4pm

Canada vs Morocco 4pm

2022 Qatar World Cup
Players pictures and Qatar tall buildings

Group G






November 24, 2022

Switzerland vs Cameroon 11am

Brazil vs Serbia 8pm
November 28, 2022
Cameroon vs Serbia 11am

Brazil vs Switzerland 5pm

December 2, 2022

Serbia vs Switzerland 8pm

Cameroon vs Brazil 8pm

Group H



South Korea

2022 Qatar World Cup
World Class players getting ready for the tournament


November 24, 2022

Uruguay vs South Korea 2pm

Portugal vs Ghana 5pm

November 28, 2022
South Korea vs Ghana 5pm

Portugal vs Uruguay 8pm
December 2, 2022

South Korea vs Portugal 4pm

Ghana vs Uruguay 4pm

Round of 16

December 3, 2022
1. Winners of Group A vs. Runners-up of Group B (4 p.m.)
2. Winners of Group C vs. Runners-up of Group D kick-off: 8 p.m.

December 4, 2022
3. Winners of Group D vs. Runners-up of Group C (kick-off: 4 p.m.)
4. Winners of Group B vs. Runners-up of Group A (kickoff: 8 p.m.)

December 5, 2022
5. Winners of Group E vs. Runners-up of Group F (kick-off: 4 p.m.)
6. Winners of Group G vs. Runners-up of Group H (kick-off 8 p.m.)

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December 6, 2022
7. Winners of Group F vs. Runners-up of Group E (kick-off: 4 p.m.)
8. Winners of Group H vs. Runners-up of Group G (kickoff: 8 p.m.)

2022 Qatar World Cup
The FIFA World Cup title


December 9, 2022
9. Winners of 5 vs. Winners of 6 (kick-off 4 p.m.)
10. Winners of 1 vs. Winners of 2 ( kickoff atf 8 p.m.)

December 10, 2022
11. Winners of 7 vs. winners of 8 (kick off 4 p.m.)
12. Winners of 3 vs. Winners of 4 (kick-off 7 p.m.)


Tuesday, December 13
Winners of 9 vs. Winners of 10 (kick-off 8 p.m.)

December 14, 2022
Winners of 11 vs. Winners of (kick-off 8 p.m.)

December 17, 2022
Third-place play-off (kickoff: 4 p.m.)


December 18, 2022
The World Cup final kicks off at 3 p.m.

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