Wolves players can no longer go shopping over the fear of COVID-19


    Wolves players are no longer permitted to go shopping due to the new coronavirus surge going on in the United Kingdom. The coach of the club, Nuno Espirito Santo, has urged the players to protect themselves against the new variant of the virus that has forced the country to go into another national lockdown.

    This is the second time this year that Wolves players had to be warned against visiting shopping malls. Recall that in March, Wolves players were told to stay away from shopping malls immediately after the first era of the coronavirus restriction started in the UK.

    According to Nuno Espirito Santo, the new arrangement at the club entails that Wolves players are taken on organized shopping trips. The coach who said this ahead of the club’s Premier League match against Tottenham Hotspur scheduled for Sunday, at 20:15, said Wolves now send staff at the club to go shopping on behalf of Wolves players.

    “We have to avoid any kind of risk because we have a small squad and we have problems with some players out”, the coach said.

    “We cannot afford to lose any player, we tell them daily ‘don’t relax and try to be more careful’.

    “Our kitchen staff puts together a big box of the basic things that we need.

    “During the high moment of the pandemic, everybody had it. When the situation improved we said to players ‘you are free to go and do your shopping’.

    “But now as the levels are increasing so high, and we have this new mutation that everyone is so worried about, we start putting this together again. It’s about protecting ourselves.

    “We are privileged as professionals in football, so many people take care of us. It’s impossible for [the rest of] society, everybody has to take care of themselves.”

    Wolves players can no longer go shopping over the fear of COVID-19
    Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo.

    The club which is based in Wolverhampton is located in an area that is categorized under tier 3 which means the coronavirus situation in the city is critical. Hence, movement and other activities in the city are restricted.

    Due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the country, Wolves’ coach urged the handlers of the Premier League to introduce twice a week coronavirus tests for all the players and the coaching crew in the league to prevent the spread of the new variant of the virus.

    “Maybe it’s necessary. The levels of the infection rate are increasing so much”, the coach said.

    “Unfortunately yes – to go back to two tests a week. Just to avoid a potential situation of players arriving at the match not being able to play.”

    Wolves will welcome Tottenham to the Molineux on Sunday even though Tottenham is from London, an area under tier four, which means that people living in that area are not expected to travel outside the area due to the virus.

    But coach Nuno Espirito Santo is not worried about hosting Tottenham because he is sure that the players and the coaching staff of Tottenham are following a strict coronavirus protocol.

    “Absolutely no problems at all, I’m totally confident about that situation,” Nuno insisted.

    Wolves are currently occupying the 11th spot with 20 points in 14 league games. While Tottenham are currently occupying the 6th spot with 25 points in 14 league games.


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