We Are in 3rd Position on Merit, Leicester City Coach Brendan Rodgers Says as He Praises Jamie Vardy

    images 2020 04 18T092851.616
    images 2020 04 18T092851.616

    Leicester City Coach Brendan Rodgers said his mission is to end a Champions League spot for the club and the club merits its 3rd position on the league table.

    Before the coronavirus pandemic halted the season in England in March, Brendan Rodgers and his boys have already claimed the 3rd position on the league table with 53 points behind Liverpool and Manchester City.

    However, their continuous stay at that position is not guaranteed if the season resumes because Chelsea and Manchester United are closely following them with 48 and 45 points respectively.

    “We’re in the position on merit. I think the players have done fantastically well this season to get into that position and our wish is that we can hopefully have the chance to finish it off, everything being well and the safety being paramount for everyone”, Brendan Rodgers told Sky Sports.

    The 47-year-old coach has coached
    Watford, Reading, Swansea Liverpool, Celtic before he came to Leicester City in 2019 to replace sacked Kenny Dalglish.

    Since the commencement of the 2019-2020 season, Rodgers has been a phenomenon with his boys that they have been so close to achieving what the club achieved some seasons ago when the club won the Premier League for the first time.

    However, winning the Premier League this season is beyond any other club’s reach due to the prowess of Liverpool that is sitting comfortably at the top of the league table. But the only thing other clubs like Leicester City can dream of is a Champions League spot.

    “We’ve been on a great journey as a team over the last year and our ambition was to earn a European place, which we knew was always going to be a big challenge”, he said.

    “Someone showed us a few weeks ago that over the period of the last decade or so, the 35 of the 36 Champions League positions [from the Premier League] have been out of the big six and the one team that wasn’t from that group was Leicester a few years ago. If we could join that by the end of the season, it would be an incredible achievement so we would hopefully want to finish the job.”

    Brendan Rodgers Says Vardy is an elite striker

    Brendan Rodgers and Jamie Vardy
    Brendan Rodgers and Jamie Vardy

    On Jamie Vardy, the club’s top scorer, Brendan Rodgers said Vardy is ‘right up there with the elite strikers in world football’. He described his speed over a short distance as explosive and absolutely phenomenal.

    “He is very focused, he is in his early 30s now but he’s still as quick as ever. He has an appetite for the game and he’s got that old school mentality where he wants to fight, he wants to run and his whole attitude to the game has been absolutely brilliant since I came in. He’s a natural goalscorer, if you get the service to him, he will finish”, he added.


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