Wayne Rooney gives reason why Football is better without VAR

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The manager of Derby County, Wayne Rooney says he prefers the era where football is played without the Video Assistant Referee over the current era where the game depends partly on the decisions of VAR.

Since 2018, the VAR has been a part of football where match referees are made to cross-check some of their critical decisions using the technology. So many football fans and stakeholders have spoken against the technology on the basis that it is gradually removing the human face from the game.

In Wayne Rooney’s argument, the former Manchester United forward believes that the game of football is better without the VAR and urged authorities to scrap it from the Premier League.

The retired England international believes that the technology has taken control of the game from the regular referees and want the control to be returned to the regular referees by putting an end to VAR.

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According to Wayne Rooney, the VAR makes watching the Premier League very frustrating because some of the decisions the VAR makes are difficult to understand.

He said even though the regular referees are not always perfect, it is more enjoyable to rely on the decisions of the referees during football games than relying on technology.

“Watching the Premier League games, some of the decisions are very frustrating through VAR and you don’t understand how they have got to that decision,” Rooney said.

“I personally think the game’s better without it. Even though you are frustrated at times after games, we have to rely on the referees to do the job the best they can.

“Even though you don’t agree with some decisions, we have to let them do the job and respect their views on it.”

Wayne Rooney.
Wayne Rooney.

Rooney argued that the beauty of goalscoring is gradually fading away because sometimes, football fans and players are made to wait for VAR confirmation before they can celebrate a goal.

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“It takes the emotion out of the moment,” he said. “I remember some of the goals I scored when I could have been onside or offside. You take a glance over and see the linesman’s flag is down and you carry on with your celebration.

“It’s ridiculous that players are waiting around for one minute, two minutes, to see if the goal will stand.

“I saw James Maddison after he scored and he didn’t know whether it was a goal or whether it would be disallowed.

“It’s the one time the fans feel connected to their club and their player when they are celebrating a goal together. Take that away and you lose that connection players have with fans.”

Wayne Rooney retired from active football on 15 January 2021 and became the permanent coach of Championship side Derby County. He has led them to the 19th spot on the league table with 31 points in 28 games.

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