Julian Nagelsmann dreams to become a ‘big’ Premier League manager

    Julian Nagelsmann

    Thirty-three-year-old German manager, Julian Nagelsmann has admitted his love for the most competitive league in the world, Premier League. The RB Leipzig coach said moving to the English top-flight could be a step to the future’ 

    Nagelsmann helped Leipzig to reach their first semifinal of the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League since the club was founded-2009- knocking out Diego Simeone’s strong side at the final eight of Europe’s prestigious competition. He’s the youngest coach to ever achieve that feat.

    “The Premier League is a very interesting league and I can imagine it could be a big aim to be a big manager in the Premier League one day like Jurgen who is very successful. It could be a step in the future.” he said

    Julian Nagelsmann
    Julian Nagelsmann

    Leipzig will be facing Liverpool at the round of 16 of the UCL next Tuesday at Budapest– which is the first competitive game both sides will be having, third English opponent of the German club after Manchester United and Tottenham.

    In an exclusive interview, the former Ausburg manager has spoken of his character on how the development of players can be, putting them on the right path of their football career. He admits his love for a young squad  

    “It can be very emotional to develop young guys and put them in the right direction. I love it. I love it when they are players for the youth team and then for the first time in their lives they play in a professional game.” He told The Telegraph 

    “They go onto the pitch and they have tears in their eyes and when the referee whistles and the game is over sometimes they touch my heart and say ‘thank you so much for this big chance’. I love it.” He added

    The German explained how his youth remains a crucial topic in the media. Recall that Julian Nagelsmann started his managerial stint at the age of 28 with Hoffenheim 2016 taking over from Huub Stevens who resigned due to health reasons.

     “When you are a manager in the Bundesliga or Champions League and you are only 33 years old it’s special. So it’s normal that people talk about my age. For my work, for the players, it has never been a problem and will not be in the future. If I was a guy in the media and there was a manager who was only 28 (when he took over Hoffenheim) I would talk about his age as well.” He said emphatically.

    As Julian Nagelsmann anticipates for the crucial UCL tie with the Reds, football pundits have drawn similarities between him and Liverpool’s manager, Jurgen Klopp, as regards their attacking patterns.

     “It is like drawing a picture, and I hope that I will find the right information so that we can win. For example six or seven years ago Jurgen said in an interview that counter-pressing was his No 10 so it’s a big focus for Liverpool and we have to be aware of these situations.” He said

    The German said that only the future will tell if he is going to be a Premier League manager, he confessed that he still loves the club he’s still managing of the recent-RB Leipzig- claiming that he could stay in the German Bundesliga in his entire managerial stint.   

     “But, you know, in soccer it’s not that easy to plan ‘how long will you be a manager in Leipzig? When will you go to the Premier League?’ I could imagine going to the Premier League.” He said

    “I could imagine staying as a manager in the Bundesliga for my whole career. It’s cool to be a manager in my own country. I love it. But then perhaps in the future we can meet face-to-face in the Premier League, who knows.” He ended

    RB Leipzig is four points behind league leaders, Bayern Munich and they will be facing Eintracht Frankfurt in the German league


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