Thomas Tuchel will not work to please anyone at Chelsea


    The manager of Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel has stressed that he would not work to please anyone at the London club, urging his players to accept criticism in front of others.

    Thomas Tuchel has been the manager of Chelsea since January 26, 2021. He replaced Frank Lampard who was sacked due to a poor run of games after spending 18 months in charge of the club.

    Since Tuchel became the coach of Chelsea, the club has been producing more positive results. The coming of the former Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint Germain coach has ensured that Chelsea did not lose a game since he took over from Lampard.

    Ahead of the Chelsea league match against Newcastle United scheduled to take place today, at 21:00, Thomas Tuchel narrated how he carries out his managerial duty with the members of his team. His approach to the management of his team is openness.

    The German tactician insisted that he is not a shouter but he could shout on his players in the dressing room if necessary. He also insisted that some situations could force him to talk to his players openly.

    Thomas Tuchel
    Chelsea’s coach Thomas Tuchel.

    “Just because I’m trying hard to be kind to you guys [the media], does not mean that I am trying too hard and that everybody loves me in the dressing room because this simply does not exist,” Tuchel said.

    “It is not necessary. But, in a moment where I am happy I can tell them also that I am happy with their attitude, their performance, and the atmosphere in the dressing room. There is no harm in that, I don’t hold it back then.

    “Can I be a shouter? Yeah, of course, if it’s absolutely necessary. But I can be totally emotional, and I can also totally be a shouter if I feel this is the minute to do it and to surprise. If you do it all the time then no one would listen because it becomes a habit, so everybody gets used to it.

    “The goal is also to stay a little bit unpredictable, and most of the time to be reasonable because, for me, we must build a trust and relationship that we can rely on.

    “Player’s won’t get punished, shouted at, or insulted in front of a group, this is unacceptable. But if we have to point out things clearly I’m a big friend of doing it in front of the whole group.

    “If we have behaviors that harm the group and cause trouble for the team on the pitch, we should tell the players individually, but I believe strongly that everybody has to have the personality to swallow criticism in front of the group.

    “That way no harm is done because we can talk openly. To be clear and to be honest, this will never change. I don’t do stuff to be loved by everyone in the dressing room, this is not possible.”

    If Thomas Tuchel and his boys win tonight’s game against Newcastle United, Chelsea could climb as high as the 4th spot on the league table, 2 points above Liverpool that might have to move down to the 5th spot. Liverpool could also move to 6th spot if West Ham defeat Sheffield United.

    Besides that, Chelsea will need 11 points to catch up with Manchester City if they defeat Newcastle United tonight. They currently have 39 points in 23 games, after 11 wins, 6 draws, and 6 defeats.


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