Turkey Earthquake: Football Clubs Share Condolences As Death Toll Rises


    Turkey Earthquake: Several football clubs have taken to their social media handles to commiserate with the victims of the disaster.

    Turkey Earthquake: Football Clubs Shares Condolences As Death Toll Rises

    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Sunday at about 8:30 p.m. ET that was centered in southern Turkey, close to Syria’s northern border, and occurred at a depth of 18 kilometers.

    The pre-dawn earthquake startled residents out of their sleep, and many hurried outside in the snow and rain to avoid falling rubble while some who were trapped screamed for aid.

    The earthquake was a strike-slip quake, in which two tectonic plates passed one another horizontally, according to researchers.

    The epicenter was close to Gaziantep, a significant Turkish city and province capital.

    Buildings that were at risk were also found in the affected areas, according to USGS structural engineer Kishor Jaiswal.

    This region of southern Turkey contains many older high-rise buildings, but new structures in areas like Istanbul were built with current earthquake regulations in mind, according to Jaiswal.

    Structures in Syria may have become vulnerable due to rapid building and years of conflict, according to academics.

    Following the earthquake, thousands of structures reportedly fell. They featured “pancake” collapses, in which the top levels of a building fall down onto the lower floors, indicating that the structures were unable to withstand the shaking, according to Jaiswal.

    The most recognizable structure in Gaziantep, its medieval castle sitting on a hill in the middle of the city, was among the destroyed structures.

    Images from the city showed that some of the fortress’s walls and watchtowers had been leveled while other sections had sustained significant damage.

    Turkey Earthquake: Football Clubs Shares Condolences As Death Toll Rises

    Nine hours after the initial jolt, Turkey was rocked by a second powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5. Scientists concurred that the two quakes are related even though they were examining whether that was an aftershock.

    In the Turkish city of Sanliurfa, a multi-story apartment structure toppled face-forward onto the street during the second shock of the afternoon.

    Video of the incident shows how the building collapsed into a pile of rubble and created a cloud of dust as onlookers yelled.

    Since the first earthquake, the two nations have experienced several aftershocks. According to USGS research geologist Alex Hatem, the area has seen 13 major aftershocks with a magnitude of at least 5 in the first 11 hours.

    Rescue efforts were hampered

    While the night fell, crews continued to saw through slabs and remove bodies as anxious relatives awaited word on their imprisoned loved ones.

    Freezing weather and traffic bottlenecks caused by people rushing to evacuate earthquake-affected areas have hindered rescue attempts.

    People sought shelter in malls, stadiums, and community centers in Turkey’s Gaziantep, the province capital located around 33 kilometers from the epicenter. To provide sanctuary, mosques were opened throughout the area.

    Football Clubs Sending Love After The Turkey Earthquake

    Several Football clubs in the world have sent love and light to the affected victims and hoping things get better.

    Also, a former Chelsea and Newcastle star Christian Atsu who is currently playing in Turkey was reported to have been trapped in a rubble.

    However, his management said the football player has been rescued alive from the wreckage.

    The former Newcastle United and Chelsea forward was reportedly trapped in a building’s rubble on Monday.

    Atsu, a player from Ghana, is a member of the Hatayspor soccer team in Turkey. Antakya is one of the cities hardest damaged by yesterday’s earthquake.

    Turkey Earthquake: Football Clubs Shares Condolences As Death Toll Rises

    According to Mustafa Zat’s statement to the Turkish radio station Radyo Gol, Atsu was “taken from the wreckage with injuries”.

    He said that Taner Savut, the club’s sporting director, is still buried beneath the debris.

    Here are some of the messages shared by several clubs and football body:



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