Dani Alves’ Wife Joana Sanz Reverse Divorce Call After Visiting Dani Alves in Prison


    Dani Alves’ wife Joana Sanz has reversed her call for divorce after visiting footballer husband Dani Alves in Prison.

    Joana Sanz visited the embattled former Barcelona and LaLiga defender in prison for the first time since his arrest over an alleged nightclub rape.

    An emotional Joana was quick to reverse her divorce call on her beleaguered husband after she reportedly spent 50 minutes with the Brazil football legend in prison.

    The 29-year-old took to the prison where Dani Alves is held and is said to have spoken in soft and low tones while addressing the press after the visit.

    She said she will not quit her marriage and relationship with Dani Alves now that he is at the lowest moments in his life.

    “I’m not going to leave him alone at the worst moment in his life,” she said.

    Dani Alves Joana Sanz

    Before her visit to Dani Alves, reports in Spain revealed the Spanish model had demanded for divorce after Dani Alves reportedly refused to see her in jail following his arrest.

    While reports of her planned divorce spread like a wild fire in Spanish media, Joana discountenance the claims on her social media handles, and had remained mute refusing to address the press on the issue.

    Joana finally broke her silence on the divorce rumors after she paid a visit to Dani Alves at Brians 2 Prison in Barcelona on Sunday.

    When asked if she had “parked” the idea of divorce with Dani Alves, she responded by branding all reports of divorce, including torpedoed face-to-face meeting as “pure deceit.”

    Joana visited the jail along with chef pal Bruno Brasil, who was reportedly with Alves on the night he allegedly assaulted a woman at iconic Barcelona nightclub Sutton.

    After his arrest, Dani Alves said he had sex with the woman in question but added it was consensual and denies rape.

    Joana’s position on her relationship with Dani Alves is now steeped in mystery. Reports emerged last week she had deleted all her posts with Dani Alves on her social media page

    Meanwhile, she had taken to her Instagram to brandished as false all speculations that she is planning divorce.

    “I want to make it clear that the recent information about things I have said are totally false,” she said.

    “I haven’t contacted any media or any specific journalist. When I have something to say I, Joana Sanz, will say it, via an official statement on my social media.

    “Everything else is speculation. I appreciate your concern but at this moment in time there is a process underway which deserves not to be intoxicated.”

    Alves has been languishing in prison since January 20 after allegations surfaced he slapped and raped his alleged victim at a bathroom in a Barcelona nightclub on December 31.

    Dani Alves Joana Sanz
    Brians 2 prison where Dani Alves is held

    After his arrest and imprisonment, Mexican club Pumas terminated his contract, and are now demanding £4m from him for allegedly breaching terms of contract.

    Alves’ model wife Joanna Sanz, 29, spoke of her heartbreak after his arrest, which came days after her mother died.

    She said: “I have lost the only two pillars in my life.”

    Alves is the most decorated Brazil footballer. He has won 43 career trophies including three Champions League titles, two Copa Americas and an Olympic gold medal.

    He has applied for bail following his arrest and the court will take a decision on his bail application at the end of this month.


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