Tottenham Hotspurs fans show their support for Bukayo Saka following the influx of racial abuses because of the Euro 2020 final

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Bukayo Saka was a subject of racial abuse by England fans who called him an N-word, posted monkey emojis, and told him to go back to Africa/Nigeria. A lot of people condemned the racial abuses and today, the unexpected happened.

Tottenham football club and fans show their support for Bukayo, they gave him a standing ovation when he came into the game and shared a wonderful message that reads “North London stands with Bukayo Saka and all players against racism and discrimination.”

It was a preseason game and Tottenham won 1 – 0.

Bukayo Saka has been receiving outpouring support from fans, players, and his fellow Nigerians. He was on a holiday for a month after the EUROS and he came back to Arsenal football club to see these beautiful messages from fans around the world.

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