Barbara Jadrych: a cleaner who had a kid with Premier League CEO gets a cut of £18million

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Barbara Jadrych used to be a cleaner to late Leon Crouch, a former Chief Executive Officer of a Premier League club, Southampton. The Polish lady was constantly involved in the life of the late British businessman until his dead in 2019.

Before then, Barbara Jadrych’s relationship with the former Southampton chairman grew from being a boss and employee relationship to an intimate relationship.

During that, Leon was living in his £8.5 million mansions in Hampshire, South East England. It got to a point where Barbara Jadrych had to move in with him as his full-time cleaner.

Due to the long hours Barbara spent around Mr. Leon, the millionaire fell in love with his then cleaner and they started their love affairs in 2011.

Barbara Jadrych: a cleaner who had a kid with Premier League CEO gets a cut of £18million
Late Leon Crouch.

According to reports, Leon was so in love with Barbara that he began to plan marriage with her. Then, the relationship had already produced a daughter, Alexandra.

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The Polish lady and her daughter lived with the late millionaire while they continued to plan for their wedding. It was during that period that Leon was diagnosed with cancer.

After a short battle with the illness, Leon passed away aged 70 on September 13, 2019. Reports claimed that the Englishman died three weeks before their wedding day.

It was not too long after Leon had passed away that Barbara Jadrych and her daughter were sent out of Leon’s £8.5 million mansion. She went on to get an apartment (worth £350,000) near where she used to live with her late husband.

Barbara Jadrych
Barbara Jadrych.

Later on, Barbara Jadrych filed a High Court writ to argue that her late lover had promised to take care of her financially before he died. Her lawyers argued that she was owed “reasonable financial provision” which could be worth millions of pounds.

According to The Sun, the lawyers also argued that 39-year-old Barbara and her 8-year-old daughter ought to have been added to the Englishman’s will as a discretionary beneficiary.

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Before the court could grant Barbara a share of Leon Crouch’s £18 million fortune, her daughter had to undertake a test to confirm whether she is a biological daughter of the late Southampton chairman.

At the time of publishing this report, the value of what was given to the Polish woman and her daughter was not known. But from all indications, whatever she got from the court settlement could be enough to make her stop her part-time dinner lady job.

Leon was the chairman of Southampton until he was removed by the board in July 2007. He returned to the position in December 2007 and was forced to resign on 15 May 2008.

He was married to Jill Simons and they had two daughters, Hannah and Lara before the marriage collapsed. Leon also had a daughter, Louise, with an ex-partner Pauline Currie.

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