Top best young players in Fifa 21

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Fifa 21 is arguably the biggest video game out there and getting the right players for your career mode is one of the most important aspects of the game. Once you stock your team with the right players, the likelihood of doing better is very high. Hence, to help you get the top best young players in Fifa 21, Futballnews has come up with the best you can find in the game and their prices.

The list of the top best young players in Fifa 21 in career mode will be divided into four categories – top forwards, midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers.

Top best young players in Fifa: Forwards

Top best young players in Fifa 21

Do you want teenagers or players in their early 20s that can help you to achieve your aim in your career mode especially in the area of scoring goals? Below is the list of top 20 young strikers in Fifa 21 and their prices.

  1. Joao Felix (20-year-old) – Atletico Madrid – £28.8m
  2. Vinicius Jr (19-year-old) – Real Madrid – £24.8m
  3. E Haaland (19-year-old) – Borussia Dortmund – £40.5m
  4. Trincao (20-year-old) – Barcelona – £18m
  5. Ansu Fati (17-year-old) – Barcelona – £13.5m
  6. Rodrygo (19-year-old) – Real Madrid – £18.9m
  7. Antony (20-year-old) – Ajax – £15.3m
  8. J Doku (18-year-old) – Anderlecht – £4.4m
  9. Luis Henrique (18-year-old) – Marseille – £1.7m
  10. Evanilson (20-year-old) – Porto – £8.1m
  11. K Adeyemi (18-year-old) – Red Bull Salzburg ST – £2m
  12. D Kulusevski (20-year-old) – Juventus – £13.1m
  13. M Boadu (19-year-old) – AZ Alkmaar – £10.4m
  14. S Esposito (17-year-old) – SPAL – £1.2m
  15. G Plata (19-year-old) – Sporting CP – £9m
  16. Rafael Camacho (20-year-old) Sporting CP – £6.8m
  17. C Hudson-Odoi (19-year-old) Chelsea – £9m
  18. A Isak (20-year-old) – Real Sociedad – £16.2m
  19. Brahim (20-year-old) – Real Madrid – £9m
  20. Fabio Silva (17-year-old) – Wolves – £1.9m
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Top best young players in Fifa: midfielders

Top best young players in Fifa 21

After you have gotten the right player for your attack, the next part of your team’s building process should be to get perfect midfielders for your career mode. And the best set of midfielders are the younger ones due to their affordability. Below is the list of top 10 young midfielders in Fifa 21 and their prices.

  1. J Sancho (20-year-old) – Borussia Dortmund – £62.6m
  2. S Tonali (20-year-old) – AC Milan – £16.7m
  3. M Greenwood (18-year-old) – Man Utd – £13.1m
  4. T Almada (19-year-old) – Velez Sarsfield – £7.7m
  5. Ferran Torres (20-year-old) – Man City – £23.9m
  6. T Kubo (19-year-old) – Real Madrid – £13.1m
  7. F Wirtz (17-year-old) – Bayer Leverkusen – £1.6m
  8. J Bellingham (17-year-old) – Borussia Dortmund – £1.9m
  9. Pedri (17-year-old) – Barcelona – £5.4m

10.R Cherki (16-year-old) – Lyon – £1.5m

Top best young players in Fifa: Defenders

Top best young players in Fifa 21

No matter how good a team’s attack and midfield is, such a team needs the best defense to be able to keep their eighteen-yard box secure. To help you in making a good decision on the kind of defense you need, here are the best young defenders for your Fifa 21 career mode.

  1. M De Ligt (20-year-old) – Piemonte Calcio – £44.6m
  2. A Davies (19-year-old) – Bayern Munich – £20.3m
  3. Nuno Mendes – (18-year-old) – Sporting CP – £5.4m
  4. W Saliba (19-year-old) – Arsenal – £9m
  5. O Kabak (20-year-old) – Schalke – £11.7m
  6. B Arrey Mbi (17-year-old) – Bayern Munich – £385k
  7. L Netz (17-year-old) – Hertha BSC – £675k
  8. J Frimpong (19-year-old) – Celtic – £3.2m
  9. Eduardo Quaresma (18-year-old) – Sporting – £5.4m
  10. S Dest (19-year-old) – Barcelona – £9m
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Top best young Goalkeepers in Fifa:

Maarten Vandevoordt

Every team needs a goalkeeper and having the best one could be one of the best things that could happen to any football team. To help with the choice of getting the right goalkeeper for your career mode, below are the top ten young goalkeepers you can go for.

  1. M Vandevoordt (18-year-old) – Genk – £1.4m
  2. L Chevalier (18-year-old) – Lille – £430k
  3. N Mantl (20-year-old) – Unterhaching – £1.8m
  4. C Fruchtl (20-year-old) – Bayern Munich II – £1.1m
  5. Fortuna (18-year-old) – Espanyol – £475k
  6. F Jorgensen (18-year-old) – Villarreal – £475k
  7. M Carnesecchi (20-year-old) – Atalanta – £1.1m
  8. G Bazunu – (18-year-old) – Man City – £360k
  9. Diogo Costa (20-year-old) – Porto – £2.3m
  10. J Olschowsky (18-year-old) – Borussia M’gladbach – £560k

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