Top 9 Athletes With Sexual Scandals


    Some top athletes have been caught up in sexual scandals with other women even though they were legally married.

    The sexual scandals forced many of them to end their marriages while some lose some lucrative contracts due to the scandal.

    Below are the top nine athletes with sexual scandals.

    Kylie Walker

    Top athletes with sex scandal

    The Manchester City right back is the latest on the list; he was caught looking drunk and kissing another woman in a bar.
    Walker didn’t notice as he was filmed in the bar with a strange woman, and his wife was nowhere to be found.

    This is not the first time Walker was caught for cheating outside marriage. He was involved in a sexual scandal in the past that even produced a child.

    Joe Westerman

    Top athletes

    The Super League rugby superstar Westerman is one of the top athletes who was caught performing a sexual act on a girl. He was disgraced and forcefully sent out of his home by his wife after the sexual scandal went viral.

    Westerman’s wife, Lauren, claimed the incident was something she finds difficult to forget.

    The rugby superstar later apologized and promised to work on his alcohol consumption.

    John Terry

    Top athletes with sex scandal

    The former Chelsea captain Terry had issues with his national team mate, then Wayne Bridge, on the allegation that Terry was in a relationship with Bridge partner Venessa Perroncel back in 2009.

    Bridge infamously failed to shake hands with his national teammate Terry in a Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City, even with Bridge partner Venessa denying the allegation.

    Bridge and Venessa dated for four years and had a son. Terry was accused of seducing Vanessa after she broke off her relationship with Bridge.

    Terry was stripped of his captaincy in the England squad after the allegation.

    Tiger Woods

    Top athletes with sex scandal

    Dozens of women claimed they had sex with the famous golf player, Tiger Wood, which ended his marriage to Elin Nordegren. His reputation as a golfer went down due to the sexual scandal in 2009.

    The golfer was ranked number one in the world then, but in 2009, different women came forward with different allegations of having had sex with the married Woods.

    His former partner claimed Woods loved blonde girls, and he could have ten of them in the same room. It was also rumored that Woods had slept with 120 women out of wedlock.

    Ryan Giggs

    The former Manchester United winger, Giggs, had an affair with his brother’s wife, Rodri, in 2011.

    At the same time, Giggs, being one of the tops athletes on this list was having another entanglement with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas

    His outside game with girls led to the divorce of his wife, with Giggs paying £40 million to his wife, Stacy, in 2017.

    Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson

    Both Kekich and Peterson were famous baseball players from 1972. Both players did the unthinkable by swapping their wives, Susanne Kekich and Marilyn Peterson.

    However, both players claimed they didn’t swap wives, but they swapped lives.

    Andy Carroll

    Top athletes sex scandal

    It was a bad incident for Andy Carroll, as a picture of him passing time with a blonde girl surfaced online two weeks before his marriage to reality TV’s Billi Mucklow.

    The Reading striker went on a 17-hour drinking session at a party and did not notice as the blonde girl took his picture.
    However, the marriage between him and Billi went through.

    Olivier Giroud

    The French striker had an affair outside of marriage in 2014 with a model named Celia Kay.

    Olivier Giroud was caught pants-down in the hotel with the model.

    After the incident, the player later apologized to his wife, Jennifer Giroud, who is the mother of four. The wife accepted his apology, and they had been together since then.

    Wayne Rooney

    The Manchester United legend paid a prostitute £140 in 2004 to have sex with her; the player paid £45 for another prostitute named Gina McCarrick, who was 37 years old in Liverpool.

    Rooney slept with one Patricia Tierney who was 48 years old then, in the same brothel.

    The player also slept with another prostitute when his wife Coleen was pregnant with his son Kai. Yet, his marriage survived all the sexual scandals.


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