Kyle Walker of Manchester City Locks Lips With Wife Annie Kilner in Public Amid Cheating Scandal


Manchester City star Kyle Walker was spotted kissing his wife publicly amid scandalous reports of sordid sexual escapades.

Kyle Walker
Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner lock lips on the streets of Cheshire

In footage made available by the Sun, Kyle Walker locked lips with Annie Kilner in what could be seen as an attempt to debunk rumors of an uneasy and tense relationship with Kilner.

Kyle Walker clashed with Kilner severally in their relationship due to his sex escapades.

There were reports the newly married couple were having a difficult time moving ahead amidst Kyle Walker sexual indulgence and unscrupulous serial cheating lifestyle.

Kyle Walker, 32, wedded Annie Kilner in November 2021 in a secret marriage ceremony graced by very few guests.

Kyle Walker had been in a relationship with Annie, 30, long before marriage since their teens. The relationship has been soiled with myriads of scandalous reports from both parties.

While they were at the engagement stage in 2020, Annie Kilner had confessed in tears to romping with Joshua Cox, 23.

However, before the confession, Annie had reportedly broken up with Walker following news the Manchester City ace had equally romped with UK model Lauryn Goodman with the latter being pregnant with his child.

Despite the marathon of sexual escapades between the two partners, Kyle Walker defy the odds and proposed to Annie in June 2020 before finally tieing the knot a year later.

Annie also revealed after Walker returned to the relationship and proposed to her, she ended her affair with Joshua Cox and decided to move in with the Three Lions defender.

After the reunion, there were reports Kyle Walker is still suspicious of Annie’s relationship with Joshua Cox and the relationship was tilting on the brink of collapse again.

At a point, a furious Annie had reportedly kicked Walker out of their Cheshire home as the relationship hit the rocks of sex scandals more often than not.

Kyle Walker
Annie Kilner

After being bundled out of the apartment by Annie, Walker is said to have found his way back to her but was booted out again after reports emerged that the British model, Lauryn, he romped with, was carrying his child.

After being bundled out the second time, Walker reportedly rented an £8,000-a-month apartment and was caught again in an orgy with two women in his new abode.

It was thought that will be the last straw that will drive an eternal wedge between him and Annie but shockingly Walker still returned to Annie and finally wedded her in November 2021 in a secret wedding with a handful of guests at the five-star Mottram Hall Hotel in Cheshire.

After the wedding, there have been prying eyes on how the two will move on together given the backdrop of serial sex escapades.

However, on the streets of Cheshire, the couple decided to show public affection to debunk reports of uneasy and tense relations amid the cheating scandals.

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner

Kyle Walker and Annie Kilner are a married couple. They have three children together all boys. Walker has a fourth child with Lauryn.

Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker is a Manchester City player. He also plays for England national team as a right-back. Annie Kilner is a professional model and has been featured in top UK magazines. Kilner leads a relatively low public life and cherishes her private space.


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