Top 27 most expensive brothers in football history

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The game of football has witnessed actions between two brothers and it continued to be so. This article will take a look at the top 27 most expensive brothers in football history.

Presently, there are still Insigne brothers, Lukaku brothers and Hazard brothers plying their trades with different clubs.

It could be recalled that the Toure brothers and the Hazards reunited at the same at some point before moving to separate destination.

Hazard brothers are one of the most expensive brothers in football

There have been many successful pairs of brothers throughout the history of professional football.

There were also the Nevilles, Laudrups and De Boers who are three of the most famous. Now let’s look at the five most expensive brothers in football history.

The Lukaku brothers – Romelu and Jordan are the most expensive brothers in football history

The Alcantara brothers- Thiago and Raphina are probably the most well-known among active footballers. Both players are still playing for top European clubs (PSG and Liverpool).

The transfer fees accrued by both siblings are not very highly.

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Liverpool could end up paying around €47m for Thiago for his purchase from Bayern Munich, while Rafinha’s transfer to Paris Saint-Germain this summer cost the French club just €1.5m – a collective sum of €48.5m.

According to Transfermarkt, below are the 27 most expensive pairs of brothers in the history of football.

Thiago (€47m) & Rafinha (€1.5m) Alcantara

Total transfer fees: €48.5m

The Alcantaras have to make do with a 27th-place finish…

  1. Sebastien (€49.8m) & Nicolas (€500k) Frey

Total transfer fees: €50.3m

Thomas Partey (€50m) & Francis Narh (€500k)

Total transfer fees: €50.5m

Mauro (€48.8m) and Sergio (€2.3m) Zarate

Total transfer fees: €51.1m

Michy Batshuayi (€50.65m) & Aaron Leya Iseka (€1.25m)

Total transfer fees: €51.9m

Crystal Palace striker Batshuayi has a younger brother who plays in the same position for FC Metz.

  1. Nordin (€33.8m) & Sofyan (€20.5m) Amrabat

Total transfer fees: €54.3m

Gini Wijnaldum (€52.5m) & Rajiv van la Parra (€2.1m)

Total transfer fees: €54.6m

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Dejan (€55.3m) & Davor (€800k) Lovren

Total transfer fees: €56.1m

Mario (€59m) & Fabian Gotze (€250k)

Total transfer fees: €59.25m

Xabi (€59.5m) & Mikel (€500k) Alonso

Total transfer fees: €60m

Anthony (€65m) & Johan (€800k) Martial

Total transfer fees: €65.8m

Anthony’s 29-year-old brother currently plays for Ligue 2 side Sochaux.

  1. Yaya (€49.2m) & Kolo (€18.9m) Toure

Total transfer fees: €68.1m

Kevin-Prince (€44.2m) & Jerome (€27.1m) Boateng

Total transfer fees: €71.3m

Jerome is still a key man at Bayern Munich. Kevin-Prince’s career has been on the decline for some time and he’s now at Serie B side Monza.

  1. Diego (€48m) & Gabriel (€23.5m) Milito

Total transfer fees: €71.5m

Both Argentines have now retired from the game. Diego is most famous for his spell at Inter Milan, while Gabriel spent four years at Barcelona.

Diego Milito with Inter Milan

  1. Andre (€46.9m) & Jordan (€24.6m) Ayew

Total transfer fees: €71.5m

Kaka (€77.3m) & Digao (€500k)

Total transfer fees: €77.8m

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Samuel (€78.5m) & David (€500k) Eto’o

Total transfer fees: €79m

Nemanja (€76.5m) & Uros (€3m) Matic

Total transfer fees: €79.5m

Abdou (€65m) & Ibrahima (€17m) Diallo

Total transfer fees: €82m

Rio (€72m) & Anton (€11.1m) Ferdinand

Total transfer fees: €83.1m

Rio & Anton Ferdinand

  1. Christian (€87.7m) & Jonathan Benteke (€100k)

Total transfer fees: €87.8m

Paul (€105m) & Florentin (€500k) Pogba

Total transfer fees: €105.5m

Lucas (€80m) & Theo (€44m) Hernandez

Total transfer fees: €124m

Kylian Mbappe (€135m) & Jires Kembo-Ekoko (€3.7m)

Total transfer fees: €138.7m

Gonzalo (€159m) & Federico (€2.6m) Higuain

Total transfer fees: €161.6m

Eden (€150m) & Thorgan (€35.5m) Hazard

Total transfer fees: €185.5m

Eden & Thorgan Hazard

  1. Romelu (€212.6m) & Jordan (€4m) Lukaku

Total transfer fees: €216.6m

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