Ticket Prices For the last games in the Premier League As Fans Return to Stadia


The 2020-2021 Premier League season is gradually winding down and it is ending with football fans striving to afford ticket prices to watch the last games of the league season.

At the time of publishing this report, most clubs in the league have a game to go while a few others have two games to go. The good aspect of the closing part of the season is the fact that a percentage of spectators are allowed into match venues across all stadia in England. And now, the big question is how much are the ticket prices?

Even though fans were not allowed into match venues from the commencement of the season, most fans would scramble to get match tickets for the last games of the Premier League season especially if the ticket prices are right.

Futballnews gathered that the ticket prices each club charges vary from clubs to clubs. It was also gathered that Tottenham Hotspur’s ticket prices for their last game against Aston Villa are the most expensive this season. The value of the match ticket is £60.

According to reports, Burnley planned to allow core supporters into their stadium for free to watch their Premier League game against Liverpool scheduled to kick-off at 20:15 today, May 19.

Those who will have the privilege to watch Manchester City lift the Premier League title at the Etihad Stadium at 16:00 on May 23, 2021, will pay ticket prices ranging from £24 to £53. The Premier League game is between Manchester City and Everton.

Below are the Ticket Prices For the last games in the Premier League

Chelsea players celebrate in front of their home fans against Leicester City on Tuesday.

The following are the ticket prices for the last games of 20 Premier League clubs:

  1. Tottenham – £60 (vs Aston Villa)

This match can determine Tottenham’s fate this season. If the north London club win the league game, it will go a long way to qualify them for Europa League ahead of next season.

  1. Manchester City – £24 – £53 (vs Everton)

Those who watch this game, have to prepare to pay ticket prices ranging from £24 to £53. Besides enjoying the football game, the fans will watch Manchester City players celebrate with the Premier League trophy at the end of the game.

Ticket Prices For the last games in the Premier League As Fans Return to Stadia
The Etihad Stadium where Manchester City will lift the Premier League title this season.
  1. West Ham – £17-£51 (vs Southampton)
  2. Aston Villa – £27-£50 (vs Chelsea)
  3. Leicester – £26-£48 (vs Tottenham)
  4. Southampton – £17-£47 (vs Leeds)
  5. Brighton – £29-£45 (vs Manchester City)
  6. Wolves – £40-£45 (vs Manchester United)
  7. Liverpool – £45 (vs Crystal Palace)
  8. Newcastle – £22-£43 (vs Sheffield United)
  9. Fulham – £40 (vs Newcastle)
  10. Sheffield United – £40 (vs Burnley)
  11. Arsenal – £26-£36 (vs Brighton)
  12. Crystal Palace – £30 (vs Arsenal)
  13. Manchester United – £30 (vs Fulham)
  14. Everton – £22-£30 (vs Wolves)
  15. Leeds – £27 (vs West Brom)
  16. West Brom – £23 – (vs West Ham)
  17. Burnley – free (vs Liverpool)


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