Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool reveals why Sadio Mane snubs him after 4-2 win over Man United

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The manager of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp has revealed that his forward, Sadio Mane snubbed him after a 4-2 win over Manchester United because he did not explain to the player why he had to play Diogo Jota ahead of him.

On Thursday, May 13, 2021, Liverpool visited Old Trafford to play their 35th Premier League game of the season and for the first time since 2014, Liverpool defeated Manchester United at home.

During the game, Manchester United’s midfielder, Bruno Fernandes scored the first goal in the 10th minute. Liverpool’s new signing, Diogo Jota scored the equalizer in the 34th minute.

Towards the end of the first half, Liverpool went ahead when Roberto Firmino scored the club’s second goal. The Brazilian forward made it 3 for Liverpool in the 47th minute.

Manchester United tried to fight back and that resulted in Marcus Rashford’s 68th-minute strike. However, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah sealed the 4-2 victory in the 90th minute.

After the game, the coach of Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp stepped into the field to celebrate with his players. He walked towards Sadio Mane to shake hands with the 29-year-old Senegalese winger, and the winger looked the other way and walked away.

His action is believed to be in protest against being benched for the club’s new signing Diogo Jota. It was so bad for Mane that coach Jurgen Klopp introduced him into the game in the 74th minute to replace Jota.

Hence, Mane who has scored just 9 goals and provided 6 assists in 32 Premier League games for Liverpool this season decided to snub Klopp to protest against being second fiddle to Jota.

In his reaction, Jurgen Klopp played down Mane’s behavior and insisted that there was no problem between him and the Senegal international who has not been at his best form this season.

When Sky Sports asked him about the incident, Klopp said: “No, no problem. Yesterday I made a late decision in training to decide for Diogo. The boys are used to me explaining things usually but there was actually no time for that and that’s all. It’s all fine.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford has brightened the chances of the club to finish in the league’s top four. The win has taken them to the 5th spot on the league table with 60 points in 35 games, four points below 4th placed Chelsea with a game in hand.

If Liverpool win their 36th league game which is against West Brom on Sunday, May 16, the club will be a point behind Chelsea.

In his reaction to Liverpool’s 4-2 win over Manchester United on Thursday, Jurgen Klopp said: “Great fight, good game, intense, as all derbies should be. Our first win at Old Trafford since I’m at Liverpool and good timing, I would say. We needed it, obviously. We fought hard for it and we deserved it.

“There were only good performances, to be honest. You saw that our two center-halves were shaking a little bit at the beginning of the game, you could see it with their passing, but from the moment when they were in the game when they forgot everything around them, they played really well.

“Trent was in proper shape tonight and played pretty much everything.

“They couldn’t chip the ball through to Bruno Fernandes anymore and step by step we got control of the game. It was of course tricky at 3-2 but we scored that fourth goal. We needed that. It was very intense. I really thought the midfield played outstandingly well. When Curtis Jones came on he helped a lot. It was good.”