Thomas Tuchel has admitted that Antonio Rudiger will leave Chelsea in the summer transfer window as a free agent


Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea Manager, has revealed that Antonio Rudiger will depart Chelsea in the summer.

Thomas Tuchel has admitted that Antonio Rudiger will leave Chelsea in the summer transfer window as a free agent

The defender, who is nearing the end of his contract, has been linked with Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain, and his agent met with Barcelona officials last month to discuss a possible summer transfer.

Thomas Tuchel stated to Sky Sports after Chelsea’s 1-0 win against West Ham: “The situation is that he wants to leave the club.” In a private conversation, he informed me of this.”

“I and the club gave everything we had, but we couldn’t fight any longer due of the actions.” We would be able to continue fighting even if the sanctions were lifted, but our options are limited. We don’t consider it as a personal attack. It is his choice.”

“He is a crucial player who will remain such until the end of the season.” However, it is a disappointment. He will be sorely missed. In the dressing room, he inspires confidence. The kind that everyone fears, but the kind that can play 50-55 games at a high level. In the last one and a half years, he has been a top defender for me. Then we’ll have to come up with another plan.”

Thomas Tuchel acknowledged the decision was not a factor in his absence at Stamford Bridge on Sunday during a press conference that followed.

“He’s hurt.” He has no reservations,” he added. “It’s a groin and a hamstring in the other leg.” In any case, he is a player who plays despite discomfort. He’s insecure despite the fact that it’s not even an injury. On Tuesday, he’ll return to training in preparation for Thursday.”

“He has no doubts and has stated that he will play till the season’s end.” This is what he’s done since the beginning, and it’s what he’ll do until the very last minute.”

“When asked if the Blues will be able to replace Rudiger if he leaves, Tuchel replied, “At the moment, no, because of the sanctions.” Sanctions, hopefully, will be a thing of the past.”

Thomas Tuchel has admitted that Antonio Rudiger will leave Chelsea in the summer transfer window as a free agent

“We’ve had a relationship since the beginning, and he deserves my complete support.” I’m just grateful to have had the opportunity to coach him in the team, as did the club. We got significant offers, and the club tried everything, but we are no longer able to fight. We’ve imposed penalties; we can’t go on like this. It’s just the way it is.”

“It would be fantastic [if sanctions were dropped before the transfer window], but you can’t pull grass to make it grow faster even if you want for it.” We must deal with the facts as they are. The sanctions are still in place, and the situation isn’t looking good for the upcoming season. We’re trying to concentrate on the remaining few weeks.”

It will be difficult to find a player who can match Rudiger’s performance during the last 18 months.

When Tuchel arrived at Stamford Bridge in January 2021, the centre-back was reintroduced into the Chelsea starting lineup following a tumultuous relationship with former manager Frank Lampard, who even exiled him.

Chelsea has won the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup since Rudiger returned to the team, wins that is owed in no small part to his defensive prowess.

The security Rudiger gives is demonstrated by the fact that Chelsea has conceded twice as many goals (1.4) when he is absent from the team as when he is there (0.7).


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