This is Why Jadon Sancho Has Refused to Apologize to Erik ten Hag Despite Pleas by Man United Teammates


    Jadon Sancho is certainly heading towards Old Trafford exit door this January as his fallout with boss Erik ten Hag deepens.

    Some Manchester United teammates wanted Sancho to apologize to Erik ten Hag but he has refused and is ready to leave to the club instead of apologizing the Dutch.

    Jadon Sancho

    There are some reasons Jadon Sancho has refused to apologize to Erik ten Hag despite pundits and fans seeming to back Erik ten Hag in his decision not to have him back to the squad.

    He believes that he did not do anything wrong. Sancho has claimed that he was training well and that he was fit to play, and that Ten Hag’s public statement about his training performances was untrue.

    He feels that he has been treated unfairly by Ten Hag compared to competitors like Antony who are ten Hag’s choice-wingers despite dropping stinkers regularly. Sancho has been banished from the first-team squad and has been training away from his teammates. He feels that this is a disproportionate punishment for his actions.

    Sancho’s refusal to apologize has created a difficult situation for both him and Ten Hag. It is unclear when Sancho will be reinstated to the first-team squad, and it is possible that his relationship with Ten Hag is irreparably damaged.

    Some people have criticized Sancho for refusing to apologize, arguing that he should show respect for his manager and his teammates. Others have defended Sancho, arguing that he has the right to stand up for himself and that he should not apologize for something that he does not believe he did wrong.

    Ultimately, it is up to Sancho and Ten Hag to resolve the situation. If Sancho wants to get back into the first-team squad, he will need to apologize to Ten Hag. However, it is also up to Ten Hag to be willing to forgive Sancho and give him a second chance.


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