The UK government has announced measures to revamp men’s football


The UK government has drafted plans for a comprehensive reform of men’s football, including the creation of an independent regulator, in order to ensure the sport’s long-term viability.

Government takes next steps towards major reform of English men's football  | Football News | Sky Sports

In November 2021, a fan-led assessment was published, outlining the need for greater control over club actions, with financial stability and the lack of involvement of supporters in decision-making at the forefront of their worries.

The investigation was prompted by the growing number of clubs experiencing financial difficulties, notably Bolton Wanderers, Derby County, Macclesfield Town, and Wigan Athletic. The attempt by the UK’s leading teams to form a European Super League only fueled cries for someone to be in charge of every club’s operations.

As a result, an independent regulator will be established to oversee club spending and decision-making, and any prospective new owner will be required to pass a more stringent Owners and Directors Test as well as a brand-new ‘integrity test,’ designed to ensure those in charge of teams have morals and intentions that are acceptable to their fans.

This regulator will also be in charge of enforcing penalties against clubs that break the regulations.

In addition to limiting who can buy teams, the government has promised to give supporters a say in how their clubs are governed, in an effort to avert a repeat of the enormous uprising that erupted in response to the Super League’s ambitions year ago.

Supporters will have a bigger say in major club decisions, such as stadiums, logos, names, and jerseys, and they may even be given their own boards inside the clubs, allowing them to discuss fan ideas and provide insight to those in charge.

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Nadine Dorries, the Secretary of State for Culture, stated: “Football is nothing without its fans, and for far too long, the game’s authorities have been unable to address some of the game’s most pressing challenges.

“The government took decisive action to conduct the fan-led review, and today we have accepted all ten strategic suggestions as well as Tracey Crouch’s approach.

“We are now dedicated to fundamental change, placing football on a more sustainable financial path, boosting club corporate governance, and increasing fan influence in the national game’s administration.”

This summer, a review of women’s football in the United Kingdom will be conducted by The UK government.


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