The Premier League to allow five substitutions starting next season… how will this change the game?


The Premier League has made plans to allow teams to use up to five substitutes, granting Jurgen Klopp’s demand.

Premier League is expected to implement a five-substitution rule from next season

At a shareholder meeting of all 20 Premier League clubs on Thursday, top-flight clubs voted in favor of changing the substitute rule.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, five substitutions were introduced in May 2020, but the league reverted to three substitutes for the 2020/21 season and this campaign.

Several times in the last two years, clubs have voted against the introduction of five substitutes.

The Premier League has also stated that the summer transfer market will open on June 10 and finish on September 1 at 11 p.m.

The league also declared that starting Monday, only symptomatic persons will be tested for Covid-19.

“Premier League Shareholders met today and reviewed a number of subjects,” the Premier League said in a statement.

“Clubs have agreed to alter the rules governing substitute players. Clubs will be allowed to make five substitutes per match starting next season, with an additional opportunity at half-time. On the team sheet, a total of nine substitutes can be designated.

“It was also confirmed that, in accordance with other European leagues, the Summer 2022 Transfer Window will commence on 10 June and finish at 23:00 BST on 1 September.”

“The Premier League has also updated its remaining COVID-19 measures today.”

“Beginning April 4, the League will discontinue twice-weekly COVID-19 testing of players and personnel in favor of symptomatic testing.” As the Premier League returns to business as usual, the requirement for clinical passports to access formerly restricted areas at training fields and on match days has been eliminated.

“The Premier League will continue to monitor the national COVID-19 situation and update League-wide protocols as necessary, in line with the latest advice from public health authorities and medical experts,” says the statement.

What have the managers had to say about the five subs?

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp remarked in December 2021 that his players were “on the brink” due to the rigors of the fixture schedule and absences caused by Covid, and he requested five subs.

The Premier League to allow five substitutions starting next season… how will this change the game?

“We have to put the competition aside and not claim Man City has better subs than Burnley or something like that,” the German stated. “That is most likely correct. However, the difficulty is that the intensity required of a top-class footballer in England is at an all-time high.

“You bring players back after Covid or an injury, and they have to play right away because of the games we have to play.” Then they’re back out because you can’t take them off after 60 minutes because you need to adjust something else.

“This fantastic game is so wonderful because the players on the field are usually in great shape, well-trained, and ready to go. That is why we enjoy the game so much.

“The only league in the world with three substitutes is the best and most intense league in the world.” That’s not the case. We should make a difference.”

The Premier League to allow five substitutions starting next season… how will this change the game?

Pep Guardiola of Manchester City and Thomas Tuchel of Chelsea are both proponents of five substitutes.

“Everywhere in the world, it’s five substitutions,” Guardiola said in December 2020. “But here, we feel we are more exceptional people.”

“Because we don’t safeguard the players, it’s a tragedy.” Especially in this calendar. If the public agrees, I shall insist that we return to five substitutes. If not, it will be tough to maintain.”

“I would want to fight for five substitutions because five substitutions were done to protect the players when coronavirus popped up and made life difficult,” Tuchel stated in December 2021.

“I believe the situation is grave and difficult, therefore if we decide to continue playing, we should have at least five options to manage the load.”

The Premier League to allow five substitutions starting next season… how will this change the game?

However, some, including Sean Dyche, the Burnley manager, argue that allowing five substitutes advantages stronger clubs like Liverpool disproportionately.

“I think it clearly favors the major clubs,” Dyche said in July 2020, “because they can keep more players happy and more players involved by making more moves.”

“This is something that a lot of football does. We all had to adjust the size of our home pitches to match the size of the larger European clubs.

“We all had to mow the grass at the same time.” As a result, the big clubs in the division push most things forward.

 five-substitution rule from next season

“However, the major clubs are also a part of what sells the division to the rest of the world.” They are magnificent clubs in their own right, with fascinating histories and a great deal of football prowess.

“It could be a slightly calmer environment for managers [of bigger clubs] with slightly upset players than if they’re out of the team and out of the squad,” he says.


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