Thomas Tuchel confirms that Chelsea cannot be pitiful despite UK-backed crisis


    Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager thinks he and his players cannot afford to be “self-pitying” about the club’s uncertain future.

    Thomas Tuchel confirms that Chelsea cannot be pitiful despite UK-backed crisis

    After Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the UK government on March 10 in retaliation to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Blues are looking for new owners.

    Chelsea has won all three of their games since then.

    Tuchel stated, “They (the players) have impressed me.”

    “At some point, we had to recognize that we didn’t cause the problem, and that no matter what we do or how much we talk about it, we won’t be able to change it.”

    “We needed to reach a point of acceptance of the situation and focus on what we can control, which is our performance.”

    Chelsea advanced to the FA Cup semi-finals with a 2-0 win over Middlesbrough of the Championship on Saturday.

    Because Abramovich’s assets, including Chelsea, have been frozen, the club is currently unable to sell further match tickets, and there are limits on how much may be spent on away trips.

    Chelsea were unsure how they would get to Middlesbrough three days after their Champions League match against Lille on Wednesday, with reports suggesting they may have had to travel by coach for a 10-hour round journey.

    They were able to fly to the game thanks to an adjustment to the special government license.

    Thomas Tuchel stated that it is critical for him and his players to focus on the task at hand, considering that there are others behind the scenes at Chelsea who are facing greater uncertainty about their futures.

    He stated, “I feel the obligation.” “We are concerned about the seven or eight hundred people that work at Chelsea, and many of them are perhaps more existentially concerned.”

    “It is my obligation, and everyone’s responsibility, to have a positive attitude and not wallow in self-pity or worry about a circumstance we did not cause and cannot change.”

    On Friday night, the time for bids to buy Chelsea expired, and a lot of offers were received.

    Thomas Tuchel confirms that Chelsea cannot be pitiful despite UK-backed crisis

    Tuchel remarked, “I don’t know anything about the offers.”

    “I’m not very interested in the mechanics of this procedure.” It’s enough that I recognize it when it’s critical and decisive.

    “The proposals are in now, and the board is working with the government to reach a resolution as soon as possible.”

    Meanwhile, John Terry, a former Chelsea captain, has joined a consortium trying to purchase a 10% share in the club.

    The former England defender has backed the True Blues Consortium, which aims to give fans a share of ownership in the club.


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