The New Superman: James Rodríguez Saves The Live of Rival Player Ousmane Coulibaly


James Rodriguez’s football team, Al Rayyan in Qatar, had a remarkable match in the last few hours in which he scored a goal. The game was called off because a football player was having seizures and had a heart attack on the field.

The New Superman: James Rodríguez's team won but he Saves The Live of Rival Player Ousmane Coulibaly
The New Superman: James Rodríguez’s team won but he Saves The Live of Rival Player Ousmane Coulibaly

The Colombian not only scored two goals against Al Wakrah, but he also assisted Coulibaly.

The sorrow caused by Ousmane Coulibaly, an Al Wakrah player, fainting during a league match against To the–Rayyan, which was later confirmed as a heart attack experienced in public court.

What we do know is that at the time, a quick response was required to save the player’s life, and he was resuscitate and stabilized, and is now recovering in a local hospital.

According to the English and Spanish versions of the Al-Rayyan story, Shabaan, an Al Wakrah physician, observed that James’ prompt intervention allowed the player to breathe freely.

As he approached his adversary, lying on the grass, Al Wakrah’s team doctor, Mukhtar Shabaan, acknowledged that it was James Rodrguez who best grasped the situation.

‘A significant step’

“Right after Ousmane Coulbaly slumped, he took the crucial step of altering the posture of Ousmane Coulbaly’s head so that he could breathe properly,” the physician added.

In reality, the Colombian was one of the first to see and approach the player, and his gesture of aligning his head could aid the medical personnel on the field in their work.


Later, it was discovered that the 32-year-old defender had experienced a heart arrest, from which he thankfully recovered and is now stable.

Players are frequently given lessons at their clubs to learn how to react to such occurrences, and it is apparent that James took it seriously, doing the right thing in a time of crisis and fear.

Following Ousmane Coulibaly’s heart attack during Al Rayyan Al Wakrah, the referee opted to call the game off.

Coulibaly’s collapse was captured on video here:

James Rodríguez’s Team wins but he Saves The Live of Rival Player Ousmane Coulibaly

James Rodriguez’s football team, Al-Rayyan won 3-0 against Al-Wakrah in a match that was started on Saturday and finished on Monday. Al-Rayyan also scored a double. The number ten performed admirably.

Super Hereos do exist, but we aren’t aware of them because they don’t wear capes.


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