The Love Affairs Between Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Shines In Qatar Against All Odds

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Childhood sweethearts, Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi have already crafted two Hollywood endings this year, from World Cup theatrics to having a Hollywood-like proposal.

The Love Affairs Between Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Shines In Qatar Against All Odds
Inside Lucia Loi and Marcus Rashford’s lovely relationship

The 25-year-old Manchester United and England star stunned the nation on Tuesday night with a two-goal barrage against Wales.

Rashford was the victim of unjustified online criticism and racial hatred after missing a penalty against Italy in the Euro 2020 final in the summer of 2021.

Additionally, the poacher was grieving the loss of Garfield Hayward, his best friend and “biggest supporter,” who he honored with a heartfelt goal celebration.

But while he stole the show in Qatar this week, no one would have been cheering louder than girlfriend Lucia Loi.

Marcus was seen giving his girlfriend a kiss after the last whistle while she was watching from the stands.

The two met at school when they were teenagers and have been together ever since.

Back in the summer, the free school meal hero proposed to Lucia by getting down on one knee. Lucia accepted the proposal right away.

Here’s how one of football’s cutest couples made the transition from the schoolyard to the altar:

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Relationship Together

Rashford and Lucia have been together since they were both 15 years old.

When the hopeful footballer was rising through the ranks of the Old Trafford youth team, they first met in the hallways of the Ashton on Mersey school in Sale, Manchester.

As Rashford made his United debut at the young age of 18, love developed and curiosity about their personal lives arose.

While supporting her boyfriend at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Lucia was spotted with England’s fabled Wags.

The Love Affairs Between Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Shines In Qatar Against All Odds
Following England’s victory over Wales, Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi kissed in a PDA in Qatar.

Soon after, while on vacation in Barbados, the couple was spotted riding a jet ski together. It was, in fact, a jet-set lifestyle.

Marcus Rashford And Lucia Loi

Rashford soon shelled over £1.8 million on a stunning six-bedroom home in Cheshire.

When Lucia moved in, their love mixed with the coronavirus pandemic, hence, there was problems in paradise.

Marcus and Lucia experienced a brief breakup in 2021 and attributed it on the demands of the lockdown.

The breakup was amicable, though, and no one else was involved.

Friends remained close and kept in touch with them in the hopes that they would resolve their differences and reunite.

Just eight months after breaking their romance, Rashford announced the duo were back together earlier this year. They allegedly reconnected before Christmas in 2021.

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After United’s 1-0 loss to Wolves in January, Lucia was seen getting into the England forward’s vehicle.

Additionally, she shared a mysterious Instagram photo of a tattooed man’s hand lying on her boot.

Donating to charity

They are both charitable people.

Famously, Rashford fought for free school meals in an effort to combat child hunger amid the 2020 coronavirus epidemic.

“My mum worked full time, earning the minimum wage, to make sure we always had a good evening meal on the table – but it was not enough,” he wrote in an open letter on Twitter.

“The system was not built for families like mine to succeed, regardless of how hard my mum worked.”

The government duly agreed: “We thank Marcus Rashford for highlighting the challenges facing families,” before announcing a comprehensive support package to help poor families.

Rashford received an MBE for the deed.

As an activist, Lucia is as amazing.

In her old years, her mother Victoria has also developed philanthropic interests.

In order to help Sri Lankans during the Covid-19 food crisis, Lucia joined her in her efforts.

The Love Affairs Between Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Shines In Qatar Against All Odds
Rashford doing Charity and giving back to the community.

As a Wag, it would be simple for her to take it easy, but she has her own goals and ambitions.

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She graduated from Manchester University with a degree in advertising and brand management in 2020, while he dramatically rose to prominence in the world of football.

She later worked as an intern at two of the biggest names in online fashion, Pretty Little Thing and Social Chain Agency, and she now has a successful job in PR.

Happy endings For Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi

For Marcus and Lucia, 2022 has been a year to remember.

This may be the start of their happily ever after—from rekindling their romance to Rashford’s comeback for club and country.

These two have a love story fit for the big screen, as promised by Hollywood.

When they were touring Los Angeles and its trendy hotspots in May, Rashford got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend.

At the time, a source stated to the Sun: “They’re over the moon. Marcus has been planning this for a while and wanted to make it special.”

The Love Affairs Between Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Shines In Qatar Against All Odds
Young couples When they were 15 years old, Marcus Rashford and Loi met at school.
Rashford and Loi were spotted in Barbados for a romantic getaway.
The Love Affairs Between Marcus Rashford and Lucia Loi Shines In Qatar Against All Odds
Last year, Rashford and Loi had a brief separation.

“They went out in LA for a romantic night together on Tuesday and he proposed. It was extremely romantic.”

“They celebrated afterwards with a group of close friends — including his Manchester United team-mate Jesse Lingard.”

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