Tammy’s Fate when Timo Werner Joins Chelsea

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    Since the news broke that Chelsea football club has agreed to trigger the release clause of Timo Werner, an RB Leipzig striker in the German Bundesliga, the permutation in the heart of fans is, what will be the fate of Tammy Abraham, the main striker of Chelsea this season.

    Chelsea has agreed to offer the 24-year-old German international a 5 years deal worth about £53 million which will see him earn £200,000-per-week at the club. Since Chelsea has concluded their own side of the bargain, it is now left for Werner who has always wanted to play in the Premier League, to sign the contract.

    Just like Tammy Abraham, Werner has had a tremendous 2019-2020 season. In fact, this season happens to be the best of his career. Since the season commences until the time of publishing this report, Werner has scored 31 goals in 41 appearances in all competitions. He has also helped his other teammates to score in 13 occasions this season.

    Frank Lampard and Tammy Abraham
    Frank Lampard and Tammy Abraham

    While Tammy Abraham who plays in the same position at Chelsea as Werner at RB Leipzig has managed to score 15 goals in 34 appearances in all competitions this season. The 22-year-old England international has also assisted his other teammate to score in 6 occasions.

    Based on current statistics, Timo Werner has proven that he is almost two times better than Tammy Abraham as a centre-forward and as a team player. It means that even if Werner doesn’t score, he can help his other teammates to score more than Tammy.

    However, just like what a Chelsea legend, Micheal Ballack, said, football in the Premier League is totally different from football in the Bundesliga. The speed, the tackles and the intensity of everything in the Premier League are higher than in any league in the world. Tammy has shown that he is used to such a system despite being so young. But the same can not be said about Werner. It is one thing to be a king in Bundesliga and it is another to continue such a reign in the Premier League.

    Timo Werner and Tammy can survive

    Timo Werner
    Timo Werner

    Still, Micheal Ballack says Werner has all the characteristics to survive in the Premier League. Even if he didn’t say so, it will be almost impossible for Frank Lampard, the manager of the club to bench him for Tammy Abraham or Olivier Giroud based on his history and the amount Chelsea will have to spend on him.

    Hence, the major way Tammy Abraham can survive in a set up where there is a ‘Werner’ is, if the Englishman can go wide in Lampard’s 4-3-3 system. It means that Tammy would no longer be the point man for the team but may have to play from the wings.

    Another way Tammy can survive in Lampard’s team is if the manager decides to adopt a rotational system for the squad going forward. But it will be difficult for Lampard to completely drop Tammy for Werner or the other way round.


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