Steven Gerrard urged Rangers’ fans to stay home ahead of Celtic clash


The manager of Rangers football club, Steven Gerrard has sent a message to the fans of the Scottish side to stay away from Celtic Park where the club will take on Celtic in an epic league game.

Rangers have won the league title this season long before they played their last 6th game of the season. Ever since then, Celtic fans have been subjected to a carnival-like mood. The fans are no longer following coronavirus restriction as they have been celebrating excessively across the streets of Glasgow since the club was announced as the champions of the league.

This is the first time in 10 years that Rangers were able to wrestle the league title from their domestic rivals Celtic football club. Hence, the match is scheduled to take place today, March 14, at 13:00.

Due to how intense the match is expected to be, coach Steven Gerrard had to send a message to warn the fans to stay away from the match venue. Besides this, the fans have been parading without their facemasks and without observing social distancing which could further spread the dreaded coronavirus.

Steven Gerrard urged Rangers' fans to stay home ahead of Celtic clash
Rangers fans celebrate the club’s Scottish Premiership triumph.

Steven Gerrard’s message to the fans read: “It is a great privilege to be the manager of this great football club, and with that comes great responsibility. I believe we must take collective responsibility to ensure we uphold the good name of this 150-year institution which represents far, far more than 11 players on the pitch.

“With that in mind, we must remember who we represent, we must remember who we are, and we must remember what this club stands for.

“The players would want nothing more than to hear the fans sing and support us in the ground and hear you behind every pass, every tackle, and to lose themselves in utter euphoria when the ball hits the net.

“Sadly, however, right here and right now, you can’t be there with us. You can’t follow us to Parkhead as Champions – and the first time we can say we are Champions in a decade.

“That hurts me, it hurts my management team and it hurts my players.

“Make no doubt about it, we want you there with us, but sadly, right now, you can’t be. The best place you can support my players and I this Sunday is from the comfort of your own home. We know you are with us here in spirit and we know how much last weekend meant to you when we secured the title.

“We know all of you enjoyed it, but we must stay safe, and stay at home.”

Rangers are currently leading the Scottish Premiership table with 88 points in 32 games. They are yet to record any defeat so far this season. While Celtic are sitting on the second spot on the league table with 68 points in 32 games. They have recorded 4 defeats so far this season.


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