Sparta Prague Winger, Lukas Haraslin Has Gone Viral After He Scored a Goal Wearing a Bodycam


    One of Sparta Prague’s players, Lukas Haraslin, has stunned millions of football fans by doing what no professional player has ever done.

    Sparta Prague winger, Lukas Haraslin has gone viral after he scored a goal wearing a bodycam with the incredible footage flying all over the internet.

    Lukas Haraslin
    Lukas Haraslin wore a bodycam

    The 26-year-old Lukas Haraslin scored the sensational goal in his side’s 3-1 friendly victory over FC Nuremberg on Saturday, January 21 while wearing a GoPro camera.

    The two teams entered the friendly contest on a cold Saturday afternoon at Sparta’s Letna Stadium while observing their winter break.

    And the host club didn’t disappoint in reminiscent of their active league days as they raced into a two-goal lead inside the first 10 minutes of half-time.

    Tomas Cvancara gave the home side the perfect start via his four minutes opener, while the main man, Haraslin seized the opportunity of some terrible defending by the German side to make it 2-0.

    As shown in the footage below, Haraslin had a Mindfly AI camera strapped to his chest showing how he pounced to grab the second goal which was uploaded via his POV on the club’s social media channels.

    And the interesting thing is that the footage caught every action up close and personal in the build-up to the goal, reflecting Haraslin’s arms hovering about as he races toward’s visitors’ net to slip in the viral goal.

    The fans were able to see the actions and hear the interactions as things unfolded among the players via the power of the GoPro.

    The kicking sound of the ball leaving Haraslin’s boot as the stunning winger strikes it was heard.

    His loud ‘wooo’ reaction as he hits a knee slide celebration and even his interactions with other teammates after the 26-year-old’s viral goal were all included in the footage.

    Meanwhile, the sensations arising from the goal provided by the GoPro footage have stirred some unique opinions from fans all over the world.

    Lukas Haraslin

    The video, which has reached over 1.1 million views since it was uploaded has garnered a whole lot of reactions online.

    Fans have been full of praise for the footage ever since it emerged on social media and many football fans have clamored to see the GoPro used a lot more by clubs.

    One of the fans commented that he would love to see top players like Lionel Messi of PSG and Manchester City’s Erling Haaland follow this trend.

    He said: “Love these types of videos. Imagine Messi with a camera… or even better Haaland.”

    Another commented: “We’ve got goal cam, fan cam, and bench cam… this has to be next.”

    Another wrote in agreement: “I want cameras on everyone moving forward.”


    The fourth reacted: “If more players/teams did this it would be unreal.”

    Another said: “Cameras on players need to be a thing this is SICK!”


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