Sir Jim Ratcliffe: Man United Potential Buyer Is Now The Second Richest Person In The UK


Manchester United’s takeover bidder, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is now the second-richest person in the United Kingdom.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s fortune had increased drastically in the last 12 months. In 2022, he was placed on the 27th spot on the list.

However, this time around, he is currently in second place in the rich list in the United Kingdom.

Jim Ratcliffe’s net worth is now around £29.688 billion, and he is behind the Hinduja family, the richest family in the UK.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe

The INEOS CEO is attempting to buy 50% of Manchester United’s shares and wants to keep the Glazers family at the club. It was reported that he is the most preferable bidder for the Glazers.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is set to beat off interest from former Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Jassim, who recently sent an improved bid to the Glazers family.

However, Sheikh Jassim’s proposal is said to be below Glazer’s asking price of £6 billion. Sheikh Jassim’s proposal is attractive, with the offer to clear all debt and invest in the squad.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe

There are rumors that the Glazers family is trying everything possible to make sure Sheikh Jassim pays up to the valuation by using Sir Jim Ratcliffe as a bait.

Manchester United fans are demanding full sales and don’t want to go into next season with the Glazers family in charge.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s wife

Sir Ratcliffe got married to Amanda Townson in 1985, and they got divorced 10 years later. Since Amanda divorced Jim Ratcliffe, she has seemed to keep her social life private.

Jim shared two sons with Amanda: George and Samuel.

In the late 1990s, Jim Ratcliffe got married to Maria Alessia Maresca, who is an Italian lawyer. She has a daughter named Julia with Jim Ratcliffe.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe age

He was born on October 18, 1952, in the city of Manchester. Jim Ratcliffe is currently 70 years old.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Education

He was educated at Beverley Grammer School. Jim obtained his B.Sc. degree from the University of Birmingham. While he got his MSC from London Business School.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s career

His first job was at Oil Giant Essos. However, he increased his knowledge of finances by taking courses on management accounting at the University of Birmingham.

He joined a US private equity group, Advent International, in 1989.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe Properties

The CEO of INEOS has a mansion worth £6 million in France. Jim Ratcliffe owns a megahouse in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. He also owns a 260-foot super yacht, Hampshire II.

Ratcliffe also owns hotels in Le Portetta (France), Lime Wood (England), and many more.

What do you think about Sir Jim Ratcliffe going second on the list of the richest people in the United Kingdom?


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