Sergio Aguero Suffers Heart Issue And Went Silent During Live Stream

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Sergio Aguero, a former Manchester City legend, experienced a heart scare during a live streaming session with Spanish star Ibai.

Sergio Aguero Suffers Heart Issue And Went Silent During Life Stream

The former Manchester City and Barcelona, who had to retired from playing at the young age of 33 owing to a cardiac issues, stopped speaking and put his palm to his chest.

Ibai was captured on camera asking the Argentine, “What’s wrong?” as Aguero went silent and hung his head down in the video.

Before responding with obvious disbelief, the former Argentina international appeared to gasp shortly for air and he said: “Oh, I believe… I believe I recently experienced a mild arrhythmia.”

The City legend spoke out while what looked to be a monitor on his phone was being checked.

Ibai, who was stunned, said: “Right now?”, in an obvious state of concern as Aguero checked his pulse before assuring his pal, “No”. He confirmed while continuing to check his phone: “I have a chip and the famous chip is going to detect the situation. It would send a signal because perhaps it’s just something that’s in my head.”

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At that point, Sergio Aguero complained the battery on his phone was running out but added, “It was very strange”, however, he failed to explain his feelings any further.

He also went on to say: “I definitely felt something out of the normal circuit”. Aguero however still managed to share a dark humour saying, “Imagine I end up dying”, which made the host, Ibai, to ask, “Shall we finish off this live anyway?”, And that brought about a smile on his friend’s face.

A message popped up in Spanish on the screen as the streaming session came to an end: “They waited for a message from the doctor and the reply didn’t arrive before they finished their live streaming session.”

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The Spanish internet celebrity Ibai Llanos called Aguero by his nickname “Kun” then added: “Take care Kun, we love you.”

Aguero issued an update afterwards, he said: “Don’t worry. It was nothing really. Everything’s okay now. The doctors have told me everything’s alright and there’s no problem. You can therefore rest easy.”

Sergio Aguero Suffers Heart Issue And Went Silent During Life Stream

He added, whilst laughing out loud: “I’m still here.”

Sergio Aguero

Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo was born on 2nd June 1988, he is also known as Kun Agüero.

He is an Argentine former professional footballer who played as a striker. The former Manchester City and Bacrcelona is considered wordwide as one of the best strikers of his generation and one of the greatest players in the history of the Premier League.

Aguero is the Manchester City’s all-time top goalscorer and holds the record for most Premier League hat-tricks, with 12.

What happened to Aguero?

The legendary striker, who signed for Barcelona from Man City just before his heart condition showed up, ended his illustrious career when tests revealed he had an irregular heartbeat.

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He was taken to the hospital after a match against Alves at the end of October 2021, holding onto his chest and complaining of breathing issues and dizziness.

He was seen in a video showing off his microchip implant in February 2022, saying jokingly that his partner put it there to monitor his movements.

When he was discussing the heart problems that forced him to retire early from active football, he went ahead to compare himself to the American comic book superhero Iron Man and made the joking statement that, “At night, I light up in colors.”

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