Graham Potter high on the list of highest paid coaches in the world


Chelsea gaffer Graham Potter is the fourth-best paid coach in the world and he is above Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti in yearly earnings. 

Potter even pockets home more than his forerunner Thomas Tuchel in his new duty as manager of German giant Bayern Munich. 

The numbers from French media outlet L’Equipe disclose that three out of the top four managers on the highest wage list work in the top-flight league in England. 

Graham Potter, based on reports earns a staggering £11,917,404 yearly as manager of the West London side. 

By cooking up the numbers, it shows that he pockets home £993,117 every month, which when calculated equates to £229,180-a-week.

Graham Potter is yet to hit the ground running with Chelsea

Graham Potter has had a bad start to his reign as Chelsea head coach with his side currently occupying the tenth spot on the Premier League table. 

In his 30 matches as manager of Chelsea, they have won a miniature 12, drawn eight and lost ten of those encounters. 

He is earning more than Graham Potter
Diego Simone

Atletico Madrid’s coach Diego Simone, Manchester City’s gaffer Pep Guardiola and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp are the only managers who earn more than Graham Potter. 

Argentine Diego Simone is at the summit of the list, pocketing home a massive £29.8million-a-year as manager of Atletico Madrid. 

Spaniard Pep Guardiola is placed second on £19.7 million and German tactician Jurgen Klopp comes third place on the list receiving £15.7 million per year. 

Following Graham Potter who sit fourth on the money list, Juventus manager Maximiliano Allegri comes next and he earns £11.3 million yearly.

Thomas Tuchel fills up the spot in the top 6 earners after recently penning a massive deal at Bayern Munich where he would reportedly earn £10.5 million yearly. 

Carlo Ancelotti

Shockingly, the manager of the defending champions of the UEFA Champions League, Carlo Ancelotti is seventh on the list and he earns £9.6 million yearly. 

Inter Milan boss Simone Inzaghi and AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho occupy eight and ninth respectively on the list. 

Concluding the list of highest paid managers in the world are three surprising names, Xabi Alonso makes the list in spite of his managerial role at Bayern Leverkusen being his first top level job as manager. 

Bayern Leverkusen manager is lower than Graham Potter on the list
Xabi Alonso

Still sticking to the German Bundesliga, manager of Wolfsburg Niko Kovac is placed 11th on the list behind Xabi Alonso. 

The last name in this list is the coach of FC Barcelona Xavi Hernandez. 

Xavi earns £3.4 million yearly and he is not earning massively because he reportedly accepted a wage cut in order to assist the team balance the books as they are presently embroiled in financial issues. 

This list houses names of young and old coaches who are pocketing staggering amounts as managers of their respective clubs.

Now the list in full

Name of ManagerClubYearly EarningContract Duration
Diego SimoneAtletico Madrid €34million3-Year-Deal
Pep Guardiola Manchester City €22million2-Year-Deal
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool€18million2-Year-Deal
Graham Potter Chelsea€13.5million5-Year-Deal
Maximiliano Allegri Juventus€12.8million4-Year-Deal
Thomas TuchelBayern Munich €12million2½-Year-Deal
Carlo Ancelotti Real Madrid€11million3-Year-Deal
Simone Inzaghi Inter Milan €10million2-Year-Deal
Jose Mourinho AS Roma€9million3-Year-Deal
Xabi Alonso Bayern Leverkusen €5million2-Year-Deal
Niko KovacWolfsburg€4million3-Year-Deal
Xavi Hernandez FC Barcelona £3.8million3-Year-Deal


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