Santiago Bernabeu renovation will cost Real Madrid between 800 to €900 million, know more here

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The ongoing Santiago Bernabeu renovation will guarantee that the stadium remains a world-famous example of architecture and sport according to a statement from Real Madrid.

Renovated Santiago Bernabeu could raise Real Madrid's revenue to north of a  billion a year - Football España
The overview of Santiago Bernabeu.

Florentino Pérez claimed that “The new stadium will continue to be the setting that generates the emotions which will leave their mark on Real Madrid’s future. It’ll be the best stadium in the world in which to see us once again recognized at the end of the century as the best club of the 21st century. It’ll offer a new stadium, and heritage and be a new source of pride for our members and fans”.

The collaborative effort of GMP Arquitectos and L35 Ribas was successful in winning the contract to supervise the Santiago Bernabeu renovation that is destined to become a global monument.

The Santiago Bernabeu is undergoing renovations to become a cutting-edge arena that meets the needs of club members while also boosting the club’s revenue streams. The stadium’s wraparound exterior, made of steel bars and stripes that can be lit up and onto which visuals can be projected, will be one of its most distinctive features.

In order to cover all of the seating spaces, the new arena will also have the option for the pitch to be covered by both permanent and retractable roofs.

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The Santiago Bernabeu will be improved with the installation of leisure, dining, and entertainment rooms, making it a more contemporary, cozy, and secure stadium.

The project’s core is placed at the center via technology. The stadium will have a section designated for e-sports, and the arena will have a stunning 360° scoreboard.

With the renovation, the Santiago Bernabéu will be transformed into a digital arena, with modern technology and the usage of audio-visual tools available in many stadium locations.

For instance, with the utilization of a second screen, spectators will have access to club-generated material that improves their matchday experience on their smartphones and tablets.

Museum extension

The Paseo de la Castellana area will be the focal point of the museum’s extensive renovation. The museum will grow in size and gain from the addition of a brand-new interactive component that will use the most cutting-edge virtual reality technology and be located in the Padre Damián section.

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With the introduction of a panoramic tour that will take guests all the way around the stadium’s outer ring, the Tour Bernabéu’s route will also be expanded.

Real Madrid agree multi-million euro deal to exploit the new Bernabeu |  Marca
Real Madrid plans on renovating Santiago Bernabeu.

With the construction of two large squares—one measuring over 20,000 square meters on the Paseo de la Castellana and the other 5,500 square meters on the corner of Padre Damián—and the pedestrianization of Calle Rafael Salgado, the project will also enhance the urban environment surrounding the stadium.

Given that the stadium will have additional entry points, there will be benefits in terms of security, accessibility, and evacuation for all supporters. Two new skyscrapers will be built on the Castellana, equipped with ramps, escalators, and lifts, replacing the existing shopping center.

The installation of new escalators along the Castellana and Padre Damián, which will serve the stadium’s highest points, will also make it easier for fans to move about.

Shopping facilities

With the opening of two Real Madrid stores inside the complex, the shopping options will be improved.

The new stadium will also introduce a brand-new shopping experience with digital points of sale selling goods from the most renowned consumer goods and electronic brands in the world, transforming the public areas into a shop window for the world’s newest products.

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What will be the Capacity of Santiago Bernabeu when the renovation is completed

Since its debut in December 1947, the Santiago Bernabéu stadium has undergone several renovations. Its capacity was originally increased in the middle of the 1950s, going from 81,000 to 125,000.

Santiago Bernabeu completion date

The refurbishment of the new stadium, which has been under development for more than a year, will be finished in January 2023.

The new Bernabeu will have a new roof and several improved features, bringing the stadium squarely into the twenty-first century.

Real Madrid has reached lucrative agreements before the stadium construction, which will be completed in around six months from the time of publishing this report.

Inside the new Bernabeu: First look at Real Madrid's state of the art  £700million home - Mirror Online
Bernabeu’s new look after renovaton.

The agreements were made with Sixth Street and Legends, and the club estimates that they will bring in 360 million euros in revenue.

The collaboration is described as Sixth Street having “the right to participate in the exploitation of select new firms” throughout the course of the 20-year contract.

While the Legendary contract has no predetermined duration, Sixth Street is an asset management company for the multi-purpose facility.

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