Samuel Eto’o Caught On Camera Assaulting A Man In Qatar on Monday Before Watching Brazil’s Win Against South Korea (Video)


    Samuel Eto’o, a football star and the current president of the Cameroon FA, was seen on camera assaulting a guy outside a stadium at the World Cup in Qatar.

    Samuel Eto'o Caught On Camera Assaulting A Man In Qatar on Monday Before Watching Brazil's Win Against South Korea (Video)

    Incredible footage captured the striker leaving Stadium 974 in Doha after watching Brazil defeat South Korea in their round of 16 match.

    Before a man with a video camera approaches him to his right, Eto’o who He formerly played for Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea, made an effort to smile for pictures with waiting supporters as he exits the venue.

    The video, which was captured by La Opinion, then appears to show the two speaking before cutting to a few seconds later and Eto’o coming back to the scene to confront the man.

    Uncertainty surrounds what was said to incense Eto’o, who is in Qatar serving as the World Cup 2022 Legacy Ambassador. Nevertheless, he reacts angrily and starts to push the cameraman.

    At this time, a number of witnesses intervene to try and calm the situation, but Eto’o was determined to pursue the man and must ultimately be restrained as he made an effort to confront him.

    The video then showed Eto’o giving a man his phone while being restrained by four men. He then emerged from the group and used his knee to kick the man in the face, sending him to the ground.

    The vicious strike appears to come as the man stooped, oblivious to Eto’o, he returned to resume the argument.

    While Eto’o is again being held back by two guys, the unidentified man is brought to his feet and does not appear to have been seriously harmed by the surprise blow.

    According to La Opinion, reporters reportedly questioned Eto’o what had happened right away, but he was reportedly “out of his mind” and had to be quickly escorted away by security.

    Samuel Eto’o was photographed inside the stadium watching the Brazil game with former NFL player Chad Johnson an hour prior to the unsavoury event.

    His main focus in Qatar was undoubtedly keeping an eye on his native Cameroon and how their tournament played out, although despite a victory over Brazil, they were eliminated in the group round.

    2019 saw the end of Eto’o’s career as a player, after a stint with Qatar SC in Qatar. He graduated from the Real Madrid academy in 1997, and after stints with Barcelona, Inter Milan, and Chelsea, he is best known for his ability to score plenty of goals.

    Samuel Eto'o Caught On Camera Assaulting A Man In Qatar on Monday Before Watching Brazil's Win Against South Korea (Video)

    He scored 362 club career goals in all competitions, and scored 56 goals for Cameroon in118 caps for his nation.

    The 41-year-old has already made headlines for reasons unrelated to football, having received a 22-month suspended prison sentence in June for a £3 million tax scam after failing to register income from the sale of image rights.

    Sport reports that the former striker for Barcelona and Inter Milan agreed to the wrongdoing but claims that his former agent Jose Maria Mesalles tried to manipulate him.

    Eto’o’s failure to report money from the sale of image rights to Puma and Barcelona on his personal income tax return between 2006 and 2009 is related to the fraud.

    Samuel Eto’o

    Samuel Eto’o Fils, a former player and current Cameroonian football executive who was born on March 10, 1981, took over as head of the Cameroonian Football Federation on December 11, 2021.

    Eto’o won the African Player of the Year award a record four times: in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2010. In his prime, he was considered one of the best strikers in the world and one of the greatest African players of all time.

    Fast, powerful, and vivacious forward Eto’o was renowned for his endurance, work ethic, proficiency in the air, and his precise finishing skills with both his head and foot.

    Eto’o was a strong and effective goal scorer with good technique, poise in front of goal, and the ability to play off other forwards. He was also a team player, and while playing for Inter under José Mourinho, he showed noteworthy tactical acumen and versatility by playing in a number of other positions on the field.

    As a response to José Mourinho’s comments that he was too old, Eto’o incorporated an “old man” celebration into his goal celebration in his mid-thirties. In the FIFA video game from EA Sports, FIFA 18, the celebration can be seen.


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