Salary of Sport Jobs in Nigeria

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A career in the sporting industry can be exciting and rewarding if you are passionate about it. To pursue a career in the sporting industry, you do not need to be a professional athlete, as there are so many career opportunities within the industry that does not require athletic skills. In this article, we aim to examine some other skills you might need to work in the sporting industry, other proficient career paths within the sporting industry, and the Salary of sport jobs in Nigeria.

Sport Jobs in Nigeria 

If you are looking to start a career within the sporting industry in Nigeria, below are some of the sport Jobs you can consider and their pay for clarifications: 

  • Sport Coach: Working as a Sport Sports can be very fulfilling, and you have a wide range of sports to specialize in as a coach. Some of which include- Football coaching, Baseball coaching, Badminton coaching, Lawn tennis coaching, Volleyball coaching, Swim coaching, Squash and so many more. Sports coach assists in planning athlete workouts, offers guidance on best practices to achieve the aim of athlete, and encourages athletes with the values and principles of sportsmanship. To become a Sports coach in Nigeria, you must find a sport you are passionate about, get a Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Certification in related sports field such as Human Kinetics, Exercise Physiology, Sport Sciences, Physical education and so on, also equip yourself with necessary skills for it, get coaching certifications and become a practicing coach in the country. You can apply to work for companies as a coach, agile supervisor, or work as a personal trainer. The average salary of a Sport coach in Nigeria is 102,000 NGN per month according to the Salary Scale.  
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Sport Coach encouraging an Athlete
  • Referee/Umpire: These are trained professionals that specialize in overseeing sport games and enforce rules of the game as required. They oversee sport regulations and serve as the judge in cases of violation of rules. They always work with complete focus and rapid response to situations during games. They assign penalties or punishments according to laid down rules and regulations of the game. Referees are responsible for ensuring fair and hassle-free games, enforcing rules and regulations and they have the power to pause or stop a game when necessary. They award free kicks, penalties, dismissals, and warnings and make judgement calls when needed during games. To work as a referee in Nigeria, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in related field such as Sport Science, Human Kinetics or Physical Education. You can also possess a professional certification from any reputable and recognized institution. According to Opera, a referee earns between 70,000 NGN and 100,000 NGN per game officiated.  
  • Sport Medicine and Sport Science: Being a healthcare provider in sport can be extremely rewarding and lucrative, healthcare professionals in this line of work provide diagnosis, support, and treatment to patients of sport injuries or any other sport related health concern. Sport teams or Organizations require the expertise of professionals like Sports physicians, exercise physiologist, and physiotherapist to provide healthcare, rehabilitation after injuries, and will also perform enhancement section to their athletes. The average salary for a professional in this field is between 50,000 NGN – 250,000 NGN per month according to Usmelab 
  • Sports Journalism: This is an area of journalism that focuses on the sport. It comprises reporting of and analyzing of the sports news and any other sport-related events which many include tournaments, competitions and matches. Professionals working in this field are usually called sport journalists. They interview sports personalities like coaches, athletes, and sport brands to provide insights and updates. They work as reporters, writers, and commentators. To become a sport journalist in Nigeria, you must possess a bachelor’s degree or professional certification in related field like Communication and Language Art, Mass communication or Journalism, all with a focus on sport from any reputable and recognized institution. The salary of a sports journalist is between 190,000 NGN and 573,00 NGN according to Salary Explorer.
  • Sport Photography and Videography: if you are passionate about photography, videography, and enjoy sport activities, then this is a career path you may want to consider. Sport photographers and videographers capture moments in sports, they document sporting events for future references. They also play a significant role in documenting sports histories, notable sport events and so many more. They work closely with sport journalists, social media managers, and referees in cases needed. To become a professional sports photographer or videographer, you must be equipped with creative directing skills, editing skills and optimal digital skills. According to Salary Explorer, the salary of a sports photographer in Nigeria should be between 176,000 NGN and 365,000 NGN per month. 
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Sport Photographers capturing moments
  • Sport Events Management: This field requires a lot of organizing, coordinating, and executing of sports events. It includes all activities that make a successful sporting event from logistics, designing, promotion and securing venues and refreshments. They also determine the objective, target audience, set budget, format, and propose appropriate dates for event. The primary role of a sport event manager is to ensure the completely smooth planning and execution of any sport event. To become a sport event manger in Nigeria, you must have a strong understanding of sports and the space requirement of each sport, have a strong knowledge, and experience in event planning and have a professional certification or bachelor’s degree in any related field. A sport event manager should earn 330,000 per month, according to Glassdoor

Some other rewarding sport jobs you should investigate include: 

  • Sport Agents 
  • Sports Equipment and Retail 
  • Fitness and Personal Training 
  • Sports Administration 
  • Talent Scout 
  • Sport Marketers 
  • Athletic Director 
  • Sport Psychologist 
  • Statistician 

Some Notable Skills for Sport Jobs 

If you are looking to start a career in the sporting industry, below are some of the skills you should equip yourself: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Organization Skills 
  • Ability to stay up to date with sport trends and information 
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Adaptability and Resilience skills 
  • Networking Skills 
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Marketing and Promotional Skills 
  • Event planning Skills 
  • Financial Management skills 
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