Robert Lewandowski is afraid of the future of football


    Robert Lewandowski might be one of the finest players on the planet but he is not excited about the number of games players are made to play in a short interval.

    Since the coronavirus pandemic invaded football in mid-March 2020, the football fixtures have become more cumbersome and players have little or no time to recover before another matchday comes.

    Due to this, most clubs that have a large squad have to result in rotating players to keep them fresh ahead of another match day which is usually two-to-three day interval.

    As for Robert Lewandowski who finished the 2020-2021 season as the highest goalscorer in the German Bundesliga, he has played 60 matches for Bayern Munich and Poland between May last year to May this season.

    Recall that Lewandowski scored 41 league goals for Bayern Munich in the just concluded season which broke Gerd Müller’s Bundesliga goal-scoring record and made the Polish striker the player with the highest amount of league goals in Europe.

    Despite such an explosive performance which has made him the main contender for this year’s Ballon d’Or, Robert Lewandowski believes that the high number of games players are subjected to might affect their performance.

    The Polish striker who is expected to help Poland in the forthcoming European Championship (Euro 2020), said if players continue to play so many games within a short interval, they would not be able to give their best in the next two years.

    Lewandowski expressed more fears towards the future of younger players who are no longer given enough time to recover before they are made to play another game.

    “So many people forget we’re humans, we’re not machines, we cannot play every day at the highest level of performance,” Lewandowski told The Times.

    “For football and for young players, that will be the big problem, to stay at the top for many years, because now and maybe the next two years, that will be extreme: so many big games…

    “Even for the fans, I think so many games will be more boring because if you wait for the games longer, there’s more expectation, that feeling that you’ve been waiting for this.

    “The quality of games will go down. It’s not possible to stay with this quality on the top with so many games.”

    Robert Lewandowski open to a new experience

    Robert Lewandowski
    Robert Lewandowski.

    Robert Lewandowski still have until 2023 before his contract with Bayern Munich expires. But his proficiency in front of goal has continued to attract attention to him.

    Recall that the 32-year-old Polish striker has been at Bayern Munich since July 1, 2014, after he secured a free move from Borussia Dortmund to Bayern. Since he joined Bayern, he has scored 294 goals and provided 65 assists in 329 games.

    Ahead of the forthcoming summer transfer window, top clubs in Europe want his signature especially Chelsea, according to reports, and the Poland international has not closed his doors to such a possibility.

    “I remain open-minded. I feel very good at Bayern, the city is superb, it’s a great club”, Lewandowski told Canal+

    “I am always curious to learn a new language, a new culture. But whether it will be in football or after my career, even I don’t know.”


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