Rinsola Babajide, the Liverpool star who is always a victim of racists and sexists attacks


    Rinsola Babajide is just a 22-year-old female footballer striving to make a name for herself but sexists and racists would not allow her to enjoy the dividends of her skills in peace.

    The 22-year-old Nigerian-born English footballer who currently plays for Liverpool‘s Senior Women’s team reportedly receives racists and sexists abuse regularly especially when she started her push to leave the Liverpool football club.

    Rinsola Babajide, like many other footballers, both females, and males, wants to tell her fans about her next move and interact with them, but some bad eggs on social media would not allow her to do that with peace of mind.

    Recently, the youngster decided to share to the world her new pair of boots from Puma but the gesture became an avenue for some people to showcase their bitterness against people of her race and gender.

    Rinsola Babajide tweeted a screenshot of a racist and sexist comment which claimed that football is for only men and the social media user called her the “N” word. A disgusted Babajide captioned the picture with “What is wrong with people”.

    Under the tweet, the 22-year-old Liverpool‘s star shared a screenshot of a post of a social media user who claimed that he reported a racist attack to Instagram and Instagram didn’t find anything wrong with the racist attack. Rinsola Babajide tagged Instagram, urging the platform which is owned by Facebook to do better.

    According to a report on Sky Sports, Facebook said: “there is no place for discriminatory abuse on Instagram”. The social media company claimed that the company has “removed several comments from Rinsola Rabajide’s post for breaking our rules, and we are continuing to investigate.”

    “We don’t allow attacks on people based on their protected characteristics, which includes race, religion, nationality or sexual orientation”, a statement from the company.

    Besides Racists and sexists attacks, Rinsola Babajide is not having the best time at Liverpool

    Rinsola Babajide in action for the English youth team.
    Rinsola Babajide in action for the English youth team.

    Rinsola Babajide has been a Liverpool player since 2018. Since she joined the club, she has been enjoying a lot of goodwill at the club that she has won a couple of individual awards with them.

    However, at the end of the 2019-2020 season, Babajide was part of Liverpool’s team that could not save the club from being relegated. Despite that, the English footballer wants to leave the club.

    The tussle between her and Liverpool has gotten so tense that Rinsola Babajide has not played any game in the second half of the 2020-2021 season in the FA Women’s Championship, the second-tier division of women’s football in England. This is so because she refused to show up at training.

    Due to that, Liverpool have pushed her to the club’s youth team and it seems the fight might not end anytime soon for the English football star.

    Rinsola Babajide made her name in England as a member of the England FIFA under-20 Women’s World Cup team that came third in the competition in 2018. She was invited to England senior women’s team by the former head coach of the team Phil Neville but she didn’t play any competitive game for the country.

    Based on this, the 22-year-old winger is eligible to represent either England, her place of birth, or Nigeria, her ancestral home.


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