Marcos Rojo claims that Edinson Cavani wants to leave Man United for Boca Juniors


    Former Manchester United center-back, Marcos Rojo claimed that Man United’s striker, Edinson Cavani could join him at Boca Juniors because the Uruguayan footballer is interested in playing for the Argentine club.

    Edinson Cavani met with Marcos Rojo at Manchester United when he was released by Paris Saint Germain last summer. After playing together for a couple of months, Rojo left Cavani at Man United and returned to his home country, Argentina, to play for Boca Junior.

    In a recent interview with ESPN, Marcos Rojo claimed that he and the 34-year-old striker are always keeping in touch with each other and he always ask him about life in Argentina.

    Marcos Rojo in action for Boca Juniors.
    Marcos Rojo in action for Boca Juniors.

    According to the 31-year-old Argentine center-defender, there could be a second connection between him and the Uruguayan striker, adding that it would be good publicity if a player like Cavani joins the Argentine club.

    “I spoke with him, I speak with him a lot. We haven’t been together for long in Manchester, only four or five months, but he’s a great person, and let’s hope for a second connection”, Marcos Rojo said.

    “When I came here, he always asked me if I was good, how I was getting on because we didn’t see each other during the last period in England.

    “It’s important that great players such as Cavani, who is a historic player for Uruguay and played in lots of important clubs, want to come and play for Boca.

    “I think that speaks very well for the club and Argentinian football.”

    Though Marcos Rojo revealed that Edison Cavani has been speaking with the manager of Boca Junior, Juan Roman Riquelme about his chances at the club, the defender said he does not know the exact period the 34-year-old striker might move to the club.

    “When I told him there was the chance to come here in Argentina to play for Boca, he told me about his situation as well, that he spoke with Roman a few times and the option was really appealing to him and he would be interested in the future”, Rojo said.

    “I’m nobody to say if he’s going to come or not, that’s on him. He needs to take that decision with his family.”

    Besides Marcos Rojo’s assertion, Luis Cavani, the father of Edinson Cavani, recently claimed that his son has always loved Boca Juniors and might head to South America if Manchester United don’t extend his contract when it expires in June 2021.

    Though Cavani has not been a regular since he joined Manchester United last summer, he has managed to make 19 Premier League appearances in which he scored 6 goals and provided 2 assists.

    The Uruguayan football icon has made 28 appearances in all competitions this season for Manchester United in which he scored 7 goals and provided 2 assists. As of the time of publishing this report, there were no contract extension talks between him and Manchester United.


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