Qatar Investment Group to Bid For Manchester United in The Coming Days


    Qatar Investment Group are looking forward to sending the bid for Manchester United in the coming days, as the Glazers hope to find a better owner for the club.

    They are ready to make the bid before mid-February, and the Qatar group is confident of outbidding other billionaires who are interested in buying the club.

    The investment group want to back manager Erik Ten Hag, who has developed the players’ confidence and made them a tough team to play against in the Premier League.

    Manchester United

    If the Qatar Investment Group becomes the new owner of the club, they are going to compete with the other richest clubs in the world in terms of signing world-class players.

    Also, a number of entities had shown interest in buying the club. Interests had been coming from the Middle East, the Far East, and the United States of America.

    Sir Jim Ratcliffe has also shown interest in the club, but he wouldn’t want to go into a bidding war with the Qatar investment group.

    However, the Raines Group, which is the merchant bank in charge of the sales, hasn’t received any bids.

    The rich group had referred to Manchester United as the football crown jewel, and they have their sight on it. Manchester United’s owners, the Glazer family, are seeking more than £6 billion for the club.

    Fan engagement is at the heart of the Qatar Investment Group. They want to be close to the Manchester United fans who had been clamoring for “Glazers out” and are going to have their wish.

    Manchester United

    One stumbling block is Qatar Sports’ ownership of Paris Saint-Germain. It was stated that a single entity could not own two football clubs in Europe. If Manchester United qualifies for the Champions League, they are likely to play PSG.

    However, a bid for Manchester United can come from an individual investor and not the group. The Glazers are not discussing minority investment; they want a full takeover of the club.

    The Qatar Group Will Demolish Old Trafford in a £2 billion Project

    Manchester United

    It was reported that Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium could be demolished if the Qatar Group submits a bid and it gets accepted.

    However, PSG Stadium, which was under the control of the Qatar Investment Group, didn’t get a rebuild since the billionaire group took over.

    If the sale is successful, it will put Manchester United on more rival terms with Manchester City which is owned by Abu Dhabi.

    Manchester United

    Also, the Red Devils will be in the same category as the Newcastle Football Club, which is fully backed by Saudi Arabia.

    Football fans have always loved investors from oil-rich countries. They have seen in previous takeovers how the Arabians were able to change the fortunes of a team with their big investment in players.


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