Manchester United’s Plan To Demolish Old Trafford And Build A New Home Suffers Setback [Details]


    The planned Old Trafford demolition and rebuild by Manchester United has suffered a setback as the Glazers plan to hands off the club.

    Planned Old Trafford rebuild suffers setback

    An expansion plan has been presented to the Manchester club, with the Old Trafford Stadium said to be earmarked for demolition.

    Manchester United came under fire by one of their legends Cristiano Ronaldo for a deteriorating and crumbling facilities that has mired performance and mangled the reputation of the club.

    Cristiano Ronaldo soldered the moribund facilities to his own grievances, blasting the Glazers for a less decent and poor handling of the club while reaping from the rot.

    However, the Glazers were reportedly considering large-scale renovation plans as far back as March 2022 before the Portuguese star opened up on the rot at the club.

    According to reports, while the Glazers were intent on rebuilding the facilities at Carrington, their resolve was more of a cosmetic gloss to garb years of incomptence.

    Manchester United fans continually lock horns with the American investors asking them to leave the club after years of unproductivity that saw the club fell from the ranks of big name clubs in the Premier League.

    The Cristiano Ronaldo interview was a deal breaker for the Glazers, as they announced the sale of the club, and were ready to make way for new hands while giving a nod to the rehabilitation plans.

    The Old Trafford expansion plans was overseen by “Legends International and Populous”, who oversaw the completion of Tottenham’s new home.

    The group has now reportedly completed the assignment of planning Manchester United’s large-scale rehabilitation plans.

    The plan has been presented to the Manchester United hierachy with the new home more likely to be built on acres of land surrounding the Theatre of Dreams.

    Planned expansion suffers setback

    Now, the planned expansion and renovation has stalled as the Glazers warm up to end their 17-year rule at Old Trafford.

    Manchester United Old Trafford

    There are reports that the expansion plan will be taken over by the new owners, who will subsequently buy the club from the Glazers.

    Recall the Glazers have put Manchester United up for sale following massive protests by the fans for their inept handling of the club.

    Now, the expansion plan will readily be made available to the new owners who will then decide on whether to continue or not.

    According to reports, a new home, that will allow United to carry on playing at Old Trafford while work is carried out, could cost close to £2bn.

    Also, there are hurdles the new club owners will cross to perfect the expansion plan. An upgrade of the club’s 112-year home could also go north of £1bn.

    Manchester United’s new home plan

    There were two concepts for the expansion plan. The first centered on just renovating Old Trafford, while the other aimed at total departure to a new stadium. Each plan differs in cost, features, and capacity.

    However, there are no estimated costs for the project but is believed the plan has contributed to Glazer’s decision to explore alternative measures to fund the project and possibly sell the club.


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