Premier League club that joined Norwich City in the Relegation Zone on last day


    Premier League, since its inception in 1992, has been the top English professional league for association football clubs for 30 seasons, and the 123rd season of top-flight English football overall.

    Premier League club that joined Norwich City in the Relegation Zone on last day

    The season’s start and conclusion dates were announced on March 25, 2021, while the fixtures were announced on June 16, 2021.

    Manchester City, the defending champions, won the Premier League title in 2021/2022, after winning their fifth title the previous season.

    Due to constraints imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic, the final third of the 2019–20 and the entirety of the 2020–21 seasons were held with low or no attendance.

    With no Premier League matches scheduled between January 23 and February 7, 2022, this season will be the second to contain a mid-season break.

    Multiple matches were postponed in December 2021 owing to COVID-19 breakouts in several clubs, with many clubs requesting for the league to be suspended until 2022.

    Following a meeting of all 20 Premier League teams on December 20, it was decided to complete the fixtures over the Christmas period “where it is safe to do so.” Clubs were encouraged to complete their fixtures if they have 13 fit players plus a goalie on hand.

    Because Premier League berths are worth tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, everything is on the line when it comes to promotion and relegation in England’s top division.

    Two teams had already been relegated by the time the last day arrived, and Burnley and Leeds United were fighting for the remaining position. Leeds triumphed 2-1 at Brentford in the end, but Burnley lost 2-1 at home, dropping the Clarets to the Championship.

    Everton had earlier secured Premier League safety with a thrilling comeback victory over Crystal Palace in the season’s final match.

    Premier League club that joined Norwich City in the Relegation Zone on last day

    The two automatic promotion berths to the Premier League were grabbed in the second-tier Championship as Fulham FC and Bournemouth secured the top two spots in the table, ensuring their promotion to the top division in 2022-23.

    Nottingham Forest or Huddersfield will field the third team after reaching the Championship Playoff final on May 29.

    Who was relegated from the Premier League?

    Norwich City was the first team to be relegated, followed by Watford a week later, as both clubs were relegated after only one season in the League.

    Burnley, who were beaten by Leeds United on the penultimate day, inhabited the third and final trap door to the Championship.

    FiveThirtyEight had given Leeds United a 76 percent chance of going down and Burnley only a 24 percent chance since they were in charge of their own destiny heading into the final day.

    The Tweet below has been updated as of Sunday, May 22nd, the final day.

    Promotion battle to the EPL

    Three clubs must rise to replace three teams who have dropped out of the Premier League.

    The top two finishers in the Championship, England’s second division of professional soccer, are automatically promoted to the Premier League. The promotion playoff determines the third team.

    The Playoff Final is a huge event, with the money earned in the Premier League proving to be a game-changer for teams in the Championship. The match is expected to be worth more than $100 million, with the winner progressing to the Premier League and earning the benefits of revenue sharing and parachute payments offered by the top tier.

    Premier League club that joined Norwich City in the Relegation Zone on last day

    Fulham won the Championship in 2021-22, earning them automatic promotion to the Premier League. Bournemouth won the second automatic promotion berth, beating Nottingham Forest, who had to settle for a playoff spot alongside Huddersfield.

    Sheffield United and Luton Town, who both won on the last day to secure their places in the playoffs, took the remaining two positions.


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