Police Set to Visit 1,000 Homes Where Football Fans Watch Premier League Illegally

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The UK Police are set to visit 1,000 homes in the coming days to warn them about illegal streaming of Premier League matches.

The police will tell them the consequences of the continuous streaming of those matches in parts of Europe and the United Kingdom. 

The security agency wants to come together with Federation Copyright Theft to make sure they track all individuals involved in the illegal streaming of matches.

Premier League trophy

The police do not want to wait to receive orders from above; they want to swing into action and take the law into their own hands.

This illegal streaming platform has also been used to watch movies and different sports. The security authority believes that the illegal streaming platform can be linked to an organized crime group.

The criminal group places advertisements on the platform in a bid to raise operational funds to carry out their duties.

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The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit’s Detective Chief Inspector Gary Robinson stated: “Accessing movies, TV shows, and live sporting events from unauthorized sources is illegal, can expose users to threats like malware and data theft, and can help fund organized criminal groups.”

Police hailing from West Marcie recently raided an illegal platform meant for streaming football matches. They will continue to eradicate the issues as they look forward to gathering a data base to identify the users using the stream.

The law enforcement agencies are trying everything possible to make sure it does not become rampant. They are determined to implement different tactics to make the clampdown successful.

Fans watching Premier League matches on TV

The West Mercie police are focused on eradicating every means of funding criminal cartels in the future and reducing the harm they can cause.

Two years ago, two men were arrested, Paul Faulkner and Stephen Millington, and sentenced to 16 months in prison for watching illegal streams.

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Peter Dilworth, a 36-year-old Merseyside resident who ran a business providing unauthorized access to Sports and entertainment content was arrested.

Premier League
Premier League fans getting ready for their club

Dilworth appeared in Liverpool Crown Court after entering a plea of guilty to the accusations leveled against him by the Crown Prosecution Service.

He was given an 8-month prison sentence in November 1, 2022 with an 18-month suspension.

Major sports broadcasters Sky Sports and BT Sports, which get TV rights to Premier League matches, are ready to welcome the new development. 

Premier League
Fans watching Premier League matches

Sky Sports offers 128 games a year for £41 a month. Also, BT Sports charges £15 a month for 52 matches in a year.

Currently, commercial subscription networks including Sky Sports, BT, Amazon Prime, and the EFL’s dedicated streaming service iFollow offer access to the Premier League, EFL, and National League.

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Also, the FA Cup and international games are available for people to view on the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4.

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