Players That Score Fastest Five Goals In A Single Match


    Most players are successful not only because of their skill with their feet or how transcendent they have lived at a giving moment, they are so because they have left a mark on football.

    Most players leave a mark on the game through their character and strength, leaving records that are only achievable for some types of players.

    In this article, Futball News brings you the players who have scored the fastest five goals in a single football match.

    Some players deserve to live forever, they are the ones who, through their talent, remind us of why we adore this sublime game.

    There are individuals with tremendous strength and zeal for their team and fans, capable of setting records and making history.

    A distinguished group of forwards who, at some point in their careers, managed to score several goals in a single game.

    Here are a few of the fortunate players who accomplished this feat.

    1. Robert Lewandowski.

    Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg;

    Robert Lewandowski

    The former Bayern player needed just nine minutes to score his five goals at the Allianz Arena against Wolfsburg. Since 2015 to date, this has remained a record in the Bundesliga.

    1. Sergio Aguero.

    Manchester City vs Newcastle United;

    Sergio Aguero

    Against Newcastle United in 2015 when Argentine football icon Sergio Aguero was representing Manchester City in the English Premier League, the former Premier League top scorer needed just 20 minutes to score five goals.

    1. Jermain Defoe.

    Tottenham vs Wigan Athletic;

    Jermain Defoe

    The retired English striker, Jermain Defoe, spearheaded a record 9-1 hammering of Wigan at White Hart Lane. It took the former Tottenham striker 36 minutes to score five goals for his team.

    1. Miroslav Klose.

    Lazio vs Bologna;


    The German goal matching was representing Lazio in a game against Bologna when he attained such a priceless figure. To score five goals and set a Serie A record, the seasoned striker require 39 minutes to make the mark.

    1. Kylian Mbappe.

    Paris Saint Germain vs Pays de Cassel;

    Kylian Mbappe

    As Mbappe’s team cruised to a 7-0 victory in the French Cup on Monday, Kylian Mbappe set a PSG record by scoring five goals against amateur team Pays de Cassel in the sixth tier.

    Mbappe, who was appointed PSG captain for the first time, scored the game’s first goal in the 29th minute on a deflected shot off of a Nuno Mendes pass and then set up Neymar to score the game’s second goal.

    Danilo Pereira found him wide open with a long ball two minutes later in the 35th minute, and he successfully lobbed the ball pass Pays de Cassel goalkeeper. His low lifted effort in the 40th minute put the score 4-0.

    He (Mbappe) continued to score in the second half, connecting with his left foot into an open net in the 56th and then earning an easy tap-in for the night’s last goal in the 79th. Mbappe scored his five goals in 50 minutes.

    He now has 196 goals for PSG, four short of Edinson Cavani’s club record. He has scored 25 goals in 24 appearances this season.


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