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PL Fans May Return to Stadiums Next Season

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Fans of the English Premier League could have the opportunity of watching live matches in stadiums during the 2020-2021 season, according to the optimism expressed by the Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.

The Premier League which has been halted for over two months is expected to resume on June 13 behind closed doors. The government in the United Kingdom has allowed clubs to commence close-contact training less than a week after commencing training in small groups.

Though fans are excited that the season would finally be allowed to continue to a logical end, they wouldn’t mind having the chance to not only watch the matches via the media but on stands in stadiums.

Richard Masters said that “no one knows when matches will move away from the behind-closed-doors model”. He, however, added that “there is optimism at the Premier League and at clubs that we will see fans back in the stadiums next season and it may happen on a phased basis”.

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“Hopefully it will be a huge morale boost and that is what we’ve been working towards”, Master told Sky Sports. “We’ve got some incredible fans in this country and we all know the Premier League as we know and love it won’t be fully back until we have fans back through the turnstiles.

“Getting it back on our TV screens for people to enjoy will hopefully give the whole country a boost.”

Liverpool could win the Premier League in a natural venue due to the fear of fans encroachment

Liverpool fans
Liverpool fans

Meanwhile, the Police in the UK have stated that though the remaining 92 fixtures of the 2019-2020 season have been allowed to continue in a home-and-away basis, but some matches including Liverpool‘s title-winning matches should be played in neutral venues. This has become necessary in order to avoid fans encroachment which is against the lockdown rule in the UK.

“The majority of remaining matches will be played, at home and away as scheduled, with a small number of fixtures taking place at neutral venues, which, contrary to some reports, have yet to be agreed.”

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Some of the matches that could be played in neutral venues in line with police suggestion are:

Manchester City v Liverpool
Manchester City v Newcastle
Manchester United v Sheffield United
Newcastle v Liverpool
Everton v Liverpool

Liverpool is at the verge of winning the Premier League as he currently tops the second-placed Manchester City with 25 points. The table-toppers need at least two wins out of 9 matches to win the title.

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