Manchester United player Jesse Lingard “ My mind wasn’t there “ in regards to his form

    Jesse Lingard
    Jesse Lingard

    Jesse Lingard was a good prospect for the Manchester United football team, he has a great feature and many expected a lot from him. However, he has underperformed in the league and became the joke of the Premier league.

    The Red Devils Midfiend blamed his poor form on lack of focus. “ my mind wasn’t there” Jesse Lingard said. He added that the Premier League return will offer him a “fresh start” after admitting to his poor form.

    Jesse sat with Gabby George on Adidas show titled the huddle, “My mind wasn’t there, I wasn’t really pushing myself,” Lingard said “It felt like it wasn’t me. You feel like when you watch yourself you’re like ‘that’s not Jesse.’
    “I know who I am and my family knows who I am, I know how I play and, as I said, I didn’t really push myself last season.
    “For me, it’s like a fresh start when we restart the season and I wanted to start off flying. I feel good about my fitness and feel good mentally, which is really important.
    “Last year, I wasn’t really with it. I wasn’t really at it last year. A lot of things played a part but now everything is sorted off the pitch. Now I can enjoy football and I can’t wait to get back.”

    The league is starting back on June 17, 2020, then 27 years old who is also father would like a fresh start, but it may be tough now since a lot of players are back from injury and he will have to compete for the starting 11 positions all over again.
    “Trophies are the main thing and individual targets like goals and assists,” Lingard added. “Last season, for some reason, I didn’t set any targets. This season I’m going to have targets, I’m going to have goals that I need to hit, individually and as a team as well.
    “I wanted to start fresh and come back with the right mindset and right attitude and that’s what I’ve done.
    “I always like to push myself, to work hard, to reach new heights. For me, it was the time to really re-evaluate what I want in life and concentrate on the places I want to get to. It’s about working hard and I’m raring to go. I feel like it’s another little fresh start. It feels like a mini-season for me.”


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