Peter Crouch And Wife, Abbey Clancy, Reveals Six Secrets About Their Sex Life


Peter Crouch and his wife Abbey Clancy are one of the rare celebrity couples who are candid about their sex life.

The power couple have no scruples letting out of the box every details of how they get on with their sex life inside the bedroom.

Speaking in their The Therapy Crouch Podcast, the former Premier League star and her model wife listed out six sex scenes initiated by either of the two before the get on with each other.

‘Freak in the bed’

Peter Crouch
Abbey says she is a freak on bed

Peter Crouch met Abbey Clancy in a nightclub in Liverpool in 2005. He was a great and prolific attacker with instincts for goals but in his podcast, Crouch said he had never scored until he met Abbey Clancy.

Before he met Abbey that night, Crouch bagged a brace against Wigan in a Premier League game but said he completed his hat-trick after the night encounter with Abbey.

Describing her first night with Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancy described how she went for a “freak in bed” style while having sex with Peter, allowing him roll as he wished.

Nordic and naughty

Peter Crouch
Clancy Abbey reveals she is always spice up when dressing her husband in Vikings attire

Another sex style the couple also revealed in one of their podcast was the ‘Nordic and naughty’ style.

Here, Abbey Clancy said she will dress Peter up as a sexy Viking to set him in the mood before they had sex.

Abbey said she always get jealous when she watched the Viking and will choose to dress Peter Crouch to spur same emotions before going into bed with him.

Emoji code

Peter Crouch
sometimes Crouch leads with raunchy emojis

Another sex scene the couple likes recreating to spice up things is what they call the “emoji code.”

Here, Abbey will try to pretend she is not ready to romp with Crouch just to ensure the latter does not touch her. Crouch, will then try to set her in the mood by sending her raunchy emojis.

Crouch usually go for the emoji code method especially when the kids are off to school, something Abbey claims at some point she finds it “vile” but will later fall to Crouch’s game.

Pussy galore

Peter Crouch
Abbey bought XXL bed to accommodate Crouch’s height

in pussy galoe scene, Abbey revealed she had to buy an XXL bed to accommodate 6ft 7inch Peter.

Abbey revealed she automatically got turned on when she is on bed with Crouch but the only problem is the little pet cat in their care.

Abbey said she will have to hold herself when the cat is in the room because she can’t have sex in the presence of the pet but when it is out there, the mood is on for it to happen.

Quality not quantity

The couple says they have sex once in two weeks

Another factor mediating the couples’ sex life is quality time with each other. Abbey revealed she has sex with Peter once every two weeks and it is something she is pleased about after having four kids as parents.

According to Abbey, the schedule is perfectly fine with her as their sex life naturally decrease with age. Crouch is 42 years while Clancy is 37

Hair dryer treatment

Peter Crouch
Abbey intentionally dresses up with a gown to deter Crouch while hair-drying

Abbey also revealed another stunning pattern of her sex life. According to her, she uses a trick to confuse her frisky husband while drying her hair because Peter always want to pressure her for sex while she is nude using a hairdryer.

So to deter him, she will dressed up while doing her hair and ensure she tightens her gown belt so as not to be easily loosen.

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